Creation Catalyst recharge buff?

Yes. It’s been known since PTR that the rate of charge would accelerate, but we didn’t know for sure when.

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Sorry, but blocking tier sets for the first two months as bait to play raiding when raiding feels bad ain’t it. I will NEVER play raids as long as there is a lockout system. I haven’t touched creation catalyst, nor do I intend to. Additionally, that move cost you a tank main who was doing m+ pugs. Squeezing in a catchup mechanic that BM’s someone who put effort in at the start of the season who consistently ran into arbitrary caps and weekly lootbox memes of the vault is how you got me to double down on not playing SL for the rest of the patch.

I feel trolled by you for engagement metric purposes, while explicitly reducing the effect of grinding to nil while letting others walk by 100x easier. So no, bye. I’ve been playing WoD for 3 weeks and will continue to play legacy xpac stuff solo, as you have made it clear you want to string people out.

If you want me to play SL again, you’ll need to:

a) Delete vault.

Punishing people for avoiding unfun content they explicitly don’t want to engage in by giving them less rows of rng loot to “select” from. Just stop with vault entirely. I hate lootboxes with a passion. I hate this waiting a week stepwise non-engaging unfun system. Let grinding be grinding.

Your devs cry about people find that ONE set of BiS items and ignoring everything else. Know why? Because of this weekly timegate that knee caps grinding, so people don’t get to feel the urge to play extra to experiment with more gear.

b) Stop knee capping mythic+ gear drops so people have to wait for a “system”. Let people actually feel rewarded for pushing keys past a 15.

c) I’m not saying give raid tier sets to all, but rather have it scaled as an equivalent then for pushing extremely hard keys (maybe as a 1% drop in +20s). Right now it feels extremely unspecial for a bread line hand out explicitly after trolling people with exclusivity in raids for 2 months.

d) Optionally configure raids such that there is no lockout system. Just depreciating returns if you farm it repeatedly too fast. I have no interest in engaging with a system that punishes you for trying to actually learn content, while “dealing” with that many other people per run. Your devs are running around thinking personal loot was the issue, when it’s not. It’s the fact people are only given one chance per boss per mode per week, so the timegate falls over itself and causes issues. Master loot will NOT solve this issue. You’re trying to cure the symptoms, not the cause.

Some say lockouts are for RWF people who will acquire things too fast. Guess what? They start doing degenerate things instead like paying out hundreds millions of gold for boosting / raid lockouts. Then to recoup costs, they run boosting communities themselves by proxy accounts/toons, making WoW look like a freemium game with pay to avoid playing.

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And ya’ll wonder why they seldom post…


because when they do, it gets pointed out how infrequently they post? Gee…wonder how that could be fixed.

They’ve been posting very frequently on the dragonflight crafted gear thread…

It’s almost like they only post when they have something to say…


Gonna need you to take 20% off there Squirrely Dan.

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Has the Valor cap been removed this week as well?

indeed it has.

Is there a maximum to the number of charges we’re going to get? I know in an interview it was mentioned that, “You’ll still be able to use your CC charges in 9.2.5.” Should we be saving some for future content updates?

Please make flux transferable between alts.

I guess this is a good thing. Feels a little weird considering the time sensitivity of the sets has long passed.

We are well past 4 weeks/4 piece now aren’t we?

So I guess it’s good for the mogs?

Still a win is a win. We’ll take it.

And if you could send relics to alts to buy gear you can change to tier.

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How is confirming a change not helpful.

I swear you weasels don’t even think before you hit post.

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