Creation catalyst isnt working

I went to the catalyst and made my cloak on my dk a tier piece but it isnt counting towards the set bonus which means i basically wasted cosmic flux and this weeks charge on a useless item blizz please fix this or if its intended let people know because the way you made it sound the catalyst is suppose to convert pieces to tier pieces which by common sence would mean the piece would count towards the set bonus.

You will only get a set bonus for the head, shoulder, chest, glove, or leg slots. The other slots are purely for shuffling your secondary stats or cosmetic purposes to obtain the transmog. Technically all of those slots are “tier,” but only some have the bonus.

The applicable slots are helms, shoulders, cloaks, chests, bracers, gloves, belts, legs, and boots. Note that the 2-piece and 4-piece set bonuses will only be on the helms, shoulders, chests, gloves, and legs.

You can see all the stats for your class tier pieces on this post:


whoops. you knew tier was helm/shoulder/chest/gloves/legs. even the bluepost says it

Note that the 2-piece and 4-piece set bonuses will only be on the helms, shoulders, chests, gloves, and legs.

Not to mention, the catalyst even gives a preview of the piece you’re gonna get and you have 6 seconds before you can confirm you want the piece.

This just happened to me as well. My reaction was “cool, it will let bracers become part of the set!” and the next second I have a 7 day cool down and bracers that just look a little different now. I didn’t realize “set” just meant the look.

I get there’s videos and guides. I shouldn’t have to take a class/watch a video etc for core game features.


How about the preview of the altered piece that’s sitting in front of your eyes the entire countdown? Should you not at least, I dunno, glance at it and confirm you’re getting what you think you are?

I get it. It’s objective reality’s fault for failing to live up to your unfounded expectations.


A ton of people did this. I didn’t read blue post either. I would still be under the impression that having a cd for a piece of gear would mean that it served me a purpose. I got exactly the same piece of gear i had pvp 262 with a different name on it, same stats. Why do I need a cd for that. Transmog? Naaaaa. What’s the purpose of putting non set items in this thinking you are going to get a tier piece. That’s not the normal user expectation.


It is a tier piece.

The mental mistake is assuming that every tier piece counts for set bonus. And letting that mistaken assumption blind you to what’s right before your eyes.

Take a little responsibility for your own mistake.

Instead of bumping a notional bug report for something which is manifestly not a bug, maybe there’s a General Discussion thread you could complain in? Because I assure you, this thread is getting nowhere near a developer.


totally agree. i didn’t have a set piece at all to reference without going online to your point. people loving to stick up for blizzard here. you expect a piece of tier that does you some benefit when you choose yes. the design could have been better. die hards here that want to stick up for blizzard at the smallest criticism. they need to take respsonsibility and say “my bad, you should have to wait a week for a piece of transmog for a character that had 3 vault choices every week, but not one tier item” still 4 more weeks to compete with tier people 4 sets if you do arena. Guess those people don’t count in this game.

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didn’t have one equipped to see what these so called tier pieces are. guess i should have googled more. it’s not wrong to criticize the user design choice they made. i didn’t say “omgeer worst decision ever” still waiting to catch up in tier. 4 more weeks. no one reads blue posts man. got a cd with literally nothing to show for it. read my post again. i didn’t say i didn’t made a bad choice, i said it’s a bad design for a week cd for a piece of xmog. there’s nothing wrong with stating that fact.

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I did not call this a bug either man. You are missing the point here. Bad choice i made yeah. Not disowning that. Based on seeing it happen to other people, it was easy to make. You can come back and say “Well you idiots need to learn to read” That’s cool man. I’ll sleep at night.

Jumps into a Bug Report post.

Claims not to have called it a bug.


Anyway, if you mean to share your opinion with Blizzard, this thread (and this forum) is not the way. You’re wasting your eloquence here.

Post in GD.

Is it bug. No idea. I need to go look up the tier sets i guess. In the history of wow, tell me how many tier pieces do not count towards the set. Approximately? I know where the thread is. I can read that part.

I didn’t start the thread man lol. We can move. I really didn’t want to go back and forth with you but you had to keep defending what was not an intentional mislead of the purpose of this functionality. Fine I’ll be done now. People got confused. It happens. It doesn’t mean they are dumb or can’t read. It happened quick. I’ll move on with my life. Seeing if this was intentional, and GOOGLE brought me right here. Quit standing on your pedestal defending that there was not way that it couldn’t have been misleading. Glad you got it right.

That’s actually exactly why it exists.

I do think there should be some kind of warning about the piece not counting towards tier bonus. However, when you are converting gear there is one way to notice, because the piece you are converting either shows a bonus or doesn’t. Idk to me it would have been a red flag if the piece it was creating didn’t show a bonus in the catalyst.

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Yeah and currently on another toon, just to verify, and when i go over the legs, there is no set bonus that shows on any of the main pieces, so you have no idea if it’s going to be a good piece or not. Totally agree on the transmog. I just meant that was definitely not my intention.

That’s odd because mine 100% shows the tier set bonus when I put my pvp shoulders in the convert them to tier.

This is not for solo players, you don’t have access to this.

Solo players can totally use it because Sandworn armor purchased in Zerith Mortis and armor drops from ZM World boss can be used in the Creator.