Crashing, freezing, and stuttering after 8.3 [Intel GPUs]

The graphic effects being turned on again is definitely causing the crashes again. Hope we can figure this out again.

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I’m also seeing this issue return, game was playing ‘smoothly’ last week (with particles removed ofc) now as of yesterday computer overheats and and crashes again.

Crashing is back…

Still locks up computer with AMD discrete GPUs too, not just Intel.

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Just disgraceful this is still an issue after MONTHS now.

Let’s just hope people don’t fall for the 100% XP buff event and completely ignore this.

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With this update, I’ve finally been able to rejoin group content and start gearing up. There is still some stuttering and freezing here and there, but that seems to stop when I set particle density to fair. Overall, huge increase to playability. Maybe not perfect, but it should be enough until the much awaited driver update

Hey folks,

Just wanted to echo what Omegal mentioned earlier in the thread. The hotfix we applied previously is just one work around. We are working on a second one that should perform better right now. We don’t have an ETA on when the second work around will go in, but we’ll let you know once it’s time to re test.

Intel is also aware of the issue and the core cause should still be completely fixed in a future build of Mac OS.


Instantly got the freezing up again lol. I don’t understand why the option to just disable particles entirely was removed even if they thought they had a fix. Why not just allow you to disable the particles as an option at all times? Why is that a bad thing?


Really sad that “disable particle density” was removed, because, despite all the initial laggy issues on my AMD graphics card after 8.3 release, I could still see spell effects and had found a happy medium to play the game smoothly in most situations. Now that “disable particle density” has been removed I’m stuttering in all zones again, especially vanilla. I am NOT using Intel graphics. Please add this feature back for those of us who found success with it until you find more workarounds. Since you keep saying you are working with Intel, it makes me think you are not fixing the issue for AMD? Thanks for continuing to work on this, but please help!


Perfect time to re-activate the graphics and cause our problems again. We have to stay at home, want to play the game and now are having the same issues as before. This is pretty ridiculous.


Is this fixed yet?

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Try it and see. The threat got very quiet again after the latest patch though.

I’ve held off posting for a while now in hopes there would be action behind the promises we’ve seen across this thread. Here we are though as the only playable fix has been reverted recently at the game has gone back to being unplayable in any serious content for those of us who have Macs.

I’ve been a cash cow for years. Tons of character transfers, faction changes, boosted characters, sub money for years, bought several of the special Xpac bundles, all probably better served elsewhere, but yet I did it out of love for the game and the company. That has quickly changed for me and I’m on the verge of quitting for good because of how awful his response is.

Down to the root of it, I could just go buy a PC and play the game without an issue, but it’s the principle of the matter at this point. You have specified specs on the box of your game and yet those of us meeting or exceeding the Mac specs can’t play the game. How is that acceptable, especially when considering the timeline, responses and fixes put out so far in reaction to this side of the communities displeasure?

I’m not here to threaten like others because ultimately this is just an outlet for me to play with friends I’ve made over the years. With that said, you’ve lost my business, you have lost my interest and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the need to speak ill will of the game when asked about it in the future.

Figure it out Blizz/Activision, because your recent actions aside from this (arguably way worse than this for me, but I understand xpacs/features don’t always work out) are terrible. It’s sad, it’s embarrassing and I refuse to believe any of you are proud of the product you’re putting forward at this point.



Maybe it’s because I’ve been installing macOS 13.4 since I was in beta, but since I’ve become the current client, I’ve never been in a state where there’s no way to return except for a reboot like before, although there is a small freeze.
Did you change your OS version to 13.4?

Hey everybody,

We did another modification to the client a couple days ago (on the 23rd.) Wanted to see how things are behaving now. How are things looking at the moment?

no crashing, but substantially more lag than pre 8.3. not unplayable, but makes higher end content a pain

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Haven’t crashed but there’s a jarring nauseating constant frame stuttering that wasn’t there before these fixes.

I’ve actually passed on frame stuttering feedback a few times. it seems to affect any type of GPU not just intel and i myself have seen and confirmed issue affecting my nvidia 1080ti.

The fix for intel users works based on feedback, but the fix introduced a new (although fortunately less severe) problem that definitely needs review

I ended up back on the Mac side of the computer for government things, and decided to try out the game. No crashes yet, been playing for six or seven hours, had one freeze that lasted maybe twenty seconds but the game continued. I haven’t seen any graphics glitches at all. They might have got it!

Now I miss the superfast loading…

Let’s put this a more relatable way:

Is it safe to resubscribe?