Crafting Cooldowns

Wondering if there will be any changes with the 24hr crafting cooldowns feel like it could be a nice addition due to shorter time line could still be a cd but maybe 12 or 8hr to allow things move along a little better just and idea!! Thanks thrash me in the comments i expect it.


It would make sense to buff the rest of the professions, too, and not just herbalism and mining.

Oh ok, since you said you expect it, that must be the cool way to say you don’t care, right? The cooldowns should stay as is. If they lower everything else, then it’s not really a challenge. Otherwise, it’s the same game, just shorter. Having the same cooldowns means people need to think a bit more about if they’re going to use it or not.

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just glad to see everyone’s take on it to be honest!!

the other problem is with leveling being sped up tons more people will have alts for transmutes. this will just make that even easier which will devalue transmutes even further.

leveling isnt THAT sped up lol…it’s a smal percentage to QUEST xp…

It’s a season. You’re supposed to feel rushed. That’s the entire point.