Crafted vs PvP gear

As a sub rogue I have grinded up to 1658 rating this season.

As i look at top sub rogues and sub rogues near my rating i am noticing that the PvP gear/tier gear is not as good as the crafted gear. And what I am meaning by that is the top end players are using only a 2 set bonus tier, and prioritizing stats (master versatility) over all else.

Getting between 90+% mastery and 2 set bonus is better then 70% 4 set bonus. as mastery makes all your finishers do more damage and you are not having to revolve around Symbols of death being active and having to get a crit on eviscerate to do big damage.
I can only speculate that while in a PvP (bgs or arenas) you are sitting more around 100% mastery as your ilevel goes from roughly 430 to 449/450 giving that little big of a stat boost. meaning you dont need the 4 set bonus and have to revolve around SoD and a crit from evis to do big damage. you are already doing 100% more damage with your finishers.

1, is there other classes like this out there where your set bonuses are chopped because you can stack stats to be even with said bonus and you dont have to revolve it around a buff and hopes and dreams.
2, can blizzard look into the next season making sure this kind of situation doesnt happen again (talking about the set bonus). im sure the 4 set bonus sounded good at the time until someone realized they can stack crafted gear higher then set bonus damage could do and thats why they are at a 2800~ rating in sool’s and 3v3s as a sub rogue. (the person i looked up).
3. limit the number of crafted items being used to make PvP/tier gear relevant again going into the next season.

those are my idea’s. anyone else noticing these things like crafted pvp gear over pvp/tier gear? Players stacking stats over set?

yeah enhancement is similar

windfury build drops 4pc and just plays 2pc+stats

lavalash build can drop both 4pc and 2pc and just play mastery in every single slot
though you can still play 2pc with some haste

the tier bonuses are usually designed and balanced around PvE then just slapped with a -50% modifier in PvP

we regularly see specs with tier bonuses revolving around talents or spells specs don’t or cant even use in PvP (rsham with healing rain last season(?) or mws with essence font in SL)

disagree with this, i personally like how crafted gear functions in PvP

being able to fully control your stats to the extent that you can with crafted gear is actually really enjoyable imo


Crafted PvP gear is PvP/conquest gear.

There are bound to be tier bonuses that just don’t sync up with how a spec wants to play in arena, especially if they have non-ideal stats.


I agree with this with the stipulation that crafted gear remains easily assessable like it is now.

If it ever becomes “out of reach” for casual players, it should go away though…

Also, pvp should generate gold somewhere… The flightstone bags should be dropping gold instead imo.

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Im going full crafted outside of two set! Have a few friends doing it and they’re sitting around 40% haste which is nutty for affliction.

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Spriest can and usually do drop the 4 pc for stat gear.

Terrible idea, no hate but gear diversity is part of the draw of this game. Also, as Kennie pointed out the crafted gear is conquest gear, you need to buy a token that costs as much conq as the piece you’d buy from a vendor.

What your asking is a lot more than you think, there would probably have to be a total revision on a lot of set bonuses, also set bonuses are nerfed by 50% across the board in pvp, so you can see how that wouldn’t be worth it for the team to invest the time when a great alternative (crafted gear) already exists.

Actually its a great idea, Im sick of having to gear from external sources for PvP, All my gear for pvp should come from the conquest and honor vendors directly, and should have duplicates for every slot with different stat optimization

No more crafting, No more PvE, No more gold sink. Just honor, and conquest

Sorry you don’t like mmo’s? Not sure what to say about that really. We’ve always needed crafting and ‘pve’ content, this is a business so the compony will structure it a certain way to create an amount of engagement in all areas of the game.

This is the best balance they’ve had in years in that regard. You can literally gear up a toon in one day full conquest crafted or not.

You don’t ‘have to’ do that, you can buy full conquest gear if you want. I really love having a lot of haste on my dk or priest, and therefore use crafted gear. I don’t ‘need’ it to play though. I love having the choice. I don’t think choices like that should be removed because people are lazy or indifferent.

Pvp gear should have all stats like the neck/cloaks do already in that pvp gear is top rated for pvp. even though you can buy the mark with the same conquest i would rather pvp gear be just that pvp gear. whats the point of pvping if your going to have to go through pve mechanics and get gear crafted to be the top in pvp.

It’s like buying 300g of AH stuff then listing it as a public order which gets made in 5 minutes.

The auction house isn’t a super challenging pve mechanic, sorry I’m laughing as I write this

And where do you get that gold if your a pvper? and why is it that you have to get that gear for pvp? 300g? Good luck buying all the materials to make one piece for 300g. Point is pvp gear should come from pvp and be the best for pvp. and instead of answering me you made up some bs? oh just go to the AH to get you player vs player gear? Brilliant.
I know you may like just killing other people and want the gear from that to be good for killing other people but nah go through these other hoops to do player vs player sure sure

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This is already the case.

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when most classes are running craftables vs pvp gear?

Crafted trophy gear is pvp gear. :dracthyr_a1: Trophies require conquest and are literally on the pvp vendor.

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Pvp gear is pvp gear. Craftables are crafted gear not gained through pvp only

It costs conquest and scales to 450 in pvp.

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But it is not the base pvp gear that you get from pvp which should be the best gear for pvp .

I mean, we’ve had to buy enchants and gems since vanilla and tbc, both of which cost more than most crafted pieces, so this really is just an oddly arbitrarily thing to get flustered about.

Also the base conquest gear is good/fine.

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I don’t think these people played BFA or SL. :dracthyr_sweat:

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