Covid Queue Times

I am someone who personally re-subbed to WoW once the stay-at-home orders came out. I am sure that has been a trending thing.

Do your part Blizzard. Stop allowing transfers to overpopulated servers and open up the ability to play for people that pay subscription for your game.

Can we get a server capacity increase to avoid these queue times?

not gonna happen bud, whitemane has had queue issues since day 1

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Day 1 Whitemane did not have queue issues that reached these levels though.

Thats debatable… we had 9 hour queue times when it started

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Queue times during launch week were 8-10 hours.

That being said, the way things are trending, we are heading back in that direction.


Layers dont solve the queue problem brohiem

Sorry, why won’t layers solve the problem?

say whitemane has a cap of 5000 players online at a time. Layers takes those 5000 players and moves them to 5 layers of 1000 players. It doesnt increase the population cap. Just distributes them evenly so players can quest and do things a little easier.

Because the queue times are based on the capacity of the server, all layers do is change how many people you see they dont effect the capacity of the server

Blizzard literally doesn’t give 2 F’s You’re not going to see anything change boys.

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this comment aged well.

paid transfers to whitemane have been disabled as of this afternoon.

if you think that’s going to help at this point you’re wrong.

Oh, its absolutely a bandaid on a bullet wound at this point. But at least the queues wont get worse.

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Players are still willing and able to roll on the server so give it time before you make a statement like that.

I bumped my surge protector and missed my BWL raid this week =(