Covenant system design flaws discussion

Dear Warcraft Community and Development Team.

Over the last few months of alpha and beta testing, the game is finally taking shape of a product ready to be shipped and so we can judge how the new expansion will look like. Despite a lot of improvements made (anima grind cap, no more TF system) and some really cool systems introduced (Torghast, legendaries), we, the Russian class discord community, can’t remain silent while one of the most important systems of the game has a timebomb at its core. Thus, we would like to draw your attention to this problem and explain our concern with it.

The discussion about covenants and the way the players will be allowed to swap them is not a new one. The Dev team decided to stick with the idea of not allowing players to swap covenants back and forth freely due to various reasons. We understand that this is a controversial topic which has brought up many discussions on forums, messengers, and other fan-base social platforms. However, the last month of game testing, including raids and mythic+, tipped the scale in favor of the idea, that the ability to freely swap covenant powers (Souldbinds and class abilities only, not the whole covenant) is necessary to make the whole system work.

In the majority of the interviews the dev team denoted several reasons why the restrictions to swapping have a place in the game. Even though we do not agree with the point made, we would like to express our gratitude for sharing your thoughts and building a dialogue with the community. We’d like to discuss this reasoning and point out what’s wrong with it from our perspective.

The efficiency difference between covenants will be small

One of the main arguments against the ability to freely change covenant abilities is “the difference between abilities worth only 1-2% DPS, so only top players will be caring about it”.

This argument doesn’t reflect the reality that even though covenants differ by numbers, more importantly they differ by design itself. Same for soulbind abilities: they are different in their design, in what they are. The only way to balance them is to bring their impact on the gameplay to the minimum.

For example, Hunters have Venthyr ability, which allows them to use Kill shot on targets above 20% hp and Kyrian ability which increases their crit chance and damage in a small area. These abilities can be balanced in a form that at the end of the dungeon you will have the same damage increase from both of them, but it still does not make these abilities equal. Imagine you have a dungeon, where you and your group need to make a giant pull in order to complete the dungeon in time. This is the most important moment of the dungeon and you need to maximize your efficiency in this exact moment. Kyrian and Venthyr abilities may be balanced in numbers, but the Kyrian one will be way more efficient for this run, simply because it’s AoE oriented and helps where you need its help the most.

Another argument for 1-2% difference is that it’s okay for players to be slightly behind on one boss, but be advantageous on another one because of having a different covenant. However, the average mythic guild can spend weeks trying to kill a single boss. If one of the players had good covenants for previous bosses, he will have to endure inefficiency on the final boss, holding back his own guild (or, most likely, he will just get benched). This only leads to frustration and dissatisfaction.

Aside from the fact that covenant abilities are different within a single specialization, they are much more different for different specializations of the same class. The same ability may be quite good for one spec, and be completely useless for another.

For example, you enjoy playing Restoration Shaman with Necrolord ability, but you would never like to use it for Enhancement spec since it’s almost completely useless for melee shamans.

Also, it completely breaks the entire “bring the class, not the spec” motto which developers have in Shadowlands. If you have to take the covenant, which is effective for one spec (for example, Kyryan for discipline priest), then when you play another spec, e.g. shadow, you feel yourself not a priest, but a discipline priest, who now has a penalty for changing your spec.

Soulbind passive abilities were introduced to balance the pros and cons of each covenant, but this approach has some design flaws as well. Soulbinds aren’t class-unique, so buffs and nerfs of every single one will affect several specializations, instead of just one.

For example, if you have chosen Venthyr, which is now the worst option for shamans, then you cannot expect the soulbind balance changes to put you at the level of a different player who picked Kyrian. Since soulbind passive abilities work not just on shamans only, boosting their effectiveness will cause some other strong specs, who pick Kyrian, to stand out even more.

Another important moment that we have to take into consideration is covenant ability balance changes. In one of the interviews, the developer team said that possible nerfs would aim to lower the gap between abilities, yet saving the leadership of the nerfed covenant ability. It would be worth considering the fact that covenant abilities effectiveness is highly dependent on both the content and the specialization you play. Any nerf could enforce the player to change covenant just because it became worse than the alternatives in the game mode they play. DPS specializations, obviously, will be affected by it the most.

Groups and Guilds will force players to always choose the best covenant ability, while people might not like it.

It seems to be a legitimate argument against the free swap. Players will create meta and will force other players to use what’s best instead of what they want to use.

It is very unfortunate that meta exists and we completely understand the problem of “looking for healer mythic+5 (only MW monk)” and we support the willingness of developers to prevent such situations from happening. Unfortunately, the current system does not aid in solving the problem and only makes it worse.

Since the majority of content presented in the game is relatively easy and does not have restrictions forcing people to follow the meta, it will most likely be accessible for players of any and all covenants. However, if we take a glimpse at the content with the difficulty higher than average, players will prefer to stick to the meta anyway. The problem behind this is not only in the difference of class/spec/covenants efficiency but in players’ perception that the easiest way to achieve their goal is to copy MDI class composition, simply because “these guys definitely know which classes are the best”. The biggest issue is that meta exists anyway, no matter which restrictions players have.

In one of his interviews, Ion Hazzikostas said that it’s not possible to make covenants abilities changeable, because players will force other players to do it every time it makes sense. However, if we don’t misunderstand his point, if Blizzard puts restrictions on changing covenant abilities, players will stop forcing others to use a certain covenant against their will. History proves it’s only partially correct. When Legion expansion came, players didn’t have any control of what legendaries they looted. However, even though nobody could guarantee obtaining best-in-slot legendaries at the start of the expansion, guilds and mythic+ groups, which can’t be considered super hardcore, were always looking for players with a specific legendary for their class (such examples were Demon Hunter ring and Holy Priest cloak).

About half a year ago patch 8.3 launched, introducing corruption effects. Initially, some of these effects were way more powerful than others. It’s fair to say most of us wanted to open the weekly chest and get tier 3 Infinite Stars or Echoing Void in the first weeks of the patch. Even though people didn’t have any control over getting those items, we witnessed a lot of “LF DPS link t3 infinite stars” groups in mythic+ or even heroic Nyalotha raids. It is a case example that even in the situation when players can’t change their powers (legendaries/corruptions), the community still generates meta and predominantly looks for players that have these most efficient powers.

It is possible that your guild will require you to pick a covenant ability which you’re not personally interested in having, just so it helps your group to beat the hardest moment of the fight (e.g. Kil’Jaeden encounter which forced a lot of semi-hardcore or even casual players to roll their characters to goblin to obtain “Rocket Jump” racial ability). As it stands now you wouldn’t be able to get back to the covenant of your choice after switching to the option guild required.

The casual community will not be affected by any variation of the covenant system. The content that they usually do doesn’t have strict requirements for optimizing the character’s efficiency. “Looking for priest (Kyrian only)” type of groups will exist anyway because each covenant will have different efficiency for dungeons, PvP, and raids. With the “free swap” system in place players will at least have a choice. Do they want to join the group that requires them to use Venthyr ability instead of Kyrian, or they maybe want to find another group? Putting restrictions on swapping basically does not let them choose, while still allows groups or guilds to have covenant requirements.

Meta will always exist, and players will self-organize to exploit it anyway. In the end, we will get into a situation where a major part of a specific spec will all use the same covenant, and this choice will be made not by a reason of lore or appearance, but according to the combat effectiveness.

Choice must matter

This is the point that we can agree with. If a choice does not have any consequences, then it doesn’t let you feel that this was the real choice at all. The issue with this is that in MMORPG, unlike single-player games, people won’t care about what they get by choosing one covenant, but will care about what they lose by not choosing the other three.

Moreover, abilities and soulbinds should not forcibly be bound to covenants. Even without it, covenants give players a lot of consequences for making the choice, including Sanctum, Story Line, Transmogs, Special events like Ember Court, and other things. All of which are essentially important to players who are not going to judge the covenant only by its efficiency. It’s still possible to give players a choice which is hard to change without tying their character’s performance to that choice.

Another thing which worries us a lot is the situation where active players will prefer covenants which they do not like simply because it better suits raiding, PVP, or mythic+. A lot of average players would not like to sacrifice their characters’ efficiency, so they will have to choose something they don’t really like. If the system had a free swap of covenant powers, they could choose their covenant without even thinking about efficiency. This, from our perspective, leads to a more meaningful choice and more fun playing the game.

Even right now, during the beta, in discord class servers we often see questions like “Which covenant will be the best for my spec?” These questions, are raised not by top-tier hardcore guild members, but by casual ones. The reason why they ask all these questions is their anxiety to pick the “wrong” option, which would lead to loss of effectiveness, compared to the other players who picked the “right” one.

Any player who will open a spec guide firstly will look for which talents to pick, which gear to use, and which covenant to choose. Three out of four players will be sad to read that the “best” covenant option for the game mode they play is not something they would like to pick because of the appearance or lore. They don’t want to make the “wrong” choice only to regret it. For them it’s a safe bet to use something which is used by the top players.

In any competitive gameplay, which is quite typical for MMORPG, players wouldn’t like to perform worse because of the wrong decisions they made in the past. So there’s a high chance that top level players will start levelling several characters (“mirrors”), one for each game mode or covenant, while casual players will feel restricted by the choice they made.

In the past we had good examples of introducing hard choices:

Let’s remember the main choice horde players have been making in BfA: Sylvanas or Saurfang. Or choice demon hunter players had to make during their start campaign: Altruis or Kayn. Both of these choices did affect the story in some way, but let’s imagine that picking Sylvans would have given you a permanent +500 mastery bonus, while picking Saurfang +500 critical strike rating instead. Imagine that Altruis would grant you non-changeable Unleashed Power talent, and Kayn taught you Fel Eruption. Instead of making the choice, considering the character lore, players had to make it considering which combat abilities they would have in the end. If it was done this way, the choice would be complete nonsense story-wise.

Another example is Scryers vs Aldor. This choice used to give you some rewards, which were not the same in terms of power for different classes and specs. Yet, after reaching Exalted with one of them, you may buy these rewards and recipes, then apply for another faction, without losing what you have obtained earlier.

What can we do about this all?

We want to present a few suggestions and solutions as we think that criticism should always come with those.

The first solution we have, which is quite obvious, is to allow players to switch covenants as easily as they do with their specialization and talents.

If we go with this option, the player will still have to choose: which covenant to pick first. Hardcore players who have a lot of time, instead of wasting it for power-leveling duplicate characters, will just put this time to level the first, then second covenant on their main character. As an option, levelling each following covenant could take more and more time. This way, we will save the feeling of choice having consequences, yet still give players some option to ‘tweak’ their effectiveness, if some mistakes were made. The most important is to make sure that getting back to your old covenant wouldn’t give you any penalties.

The second option is to bind covenant abilities to soulbinds rather than to covenants.

This is a suggestion made by Preach during his interview with Ion Hazzikostas. By choosing the soulbind, we’re obtaining all its passives, and two covenant abilities that are now bound to the soulbind. Your covenant stays the same. And so does our choice, with the system itself becoming deeper and giving players a chance to tune their combat effectiveness the most convenient and logical way, while not interfering with the audience of players who don’t want to do so.

Conduits and specialization change

Another thing that we wanted to point out (hoping to convince the developers team to change their decision) is the conduit system. Right now each soulbind has 3 potency slots for conduits and these conduits are picked in your class hall as you unlock them. The fact that they are not consumable items, like Jewelcrafter’s gems, or relics from Legion was, is a great change!

Yet, we still have a problem of a week-long cooldown to change conduits which in turn limits respeccing. This will affect every player, who plays more than just one spec.

So now we have two options, one is to set up soulbinds the way it’s better for just one specialization and game mode you like the most (let’s say, for the Shadow specialization I play in raids, while my mythic+ party requires me to heal), or to play several specializations without being able to tune my combat effectiveness with conduits. This both limits players in making builds and also kind of pushes players to create other characters if they want to realize the full potential of several specializations.

It kind of reminds us of the Legion artifact issue which was almost successfully solved in BfA (despite it being somewhat annoying to visit the reforge vendor and waste some of your time and money, changing your azerite traits for another game mode you’re about to start). In Shadowlands, we’re getting that old issue back, and that’s another blow to the “bring the class, not the spec” system since I cannot even be the Restoration Shaman, who sets up conduits for different game modes, I have to be versatile Restoration Shaman, or even worse, versatile Restoration/Enhancement Shaman.

It’s kinda obvious what to do with this flaw: Conduits should be replaced the same way spells do when players change their specialization. With this change implemented players will still have to make a choice in which game mode they want the best combat performance, and players who want to play several specializations won’t be punished with combat ineffectiveness.


The Covenant system is a great idea with a quite good potential. At the moment they all look quite different, yet interesting, so we’re pretty sure that every player will be able to pick something that appeals to them the most. However, covenant choice shouldn’t do anything to a character’s combat effectiveness, since many players will be just picking the option which is “BiS” for their spec, even if they don’t like the option at all. Right now, the most discussed thing in Shadowlands channels is covenant abilities and the way they are going to affect the gameplay. So we’re hoping that the developers team will come with the decision to allow players to switch covenant abilities without penalties, or just unbind covenant class abilities from the covenant system.


I agree, Blizzard have to do something to this, as current system will force players to choose optimal covenant for throughput and level multiple “mirrors” to avoid getting benched for different content.


As much as I agree with everything stated here, I think at this point (for whatever reason), Blizzard is planning on doubling down and just launching it with minimal flexibility despite community consideration.

For a historical perspective:

This Blue Post from way back in the day pretty much sums up the issue. This was a lesson learned a long time ago:

  • You can have distinct interesting diversity
  • You can have bland but balanced choices

For example Shamans/Paladins both had to have the same “resistance” aura/totems, or Faction balance would have been broken for old content.

Both factions either need to have the same “tools” or the balance will never be simple.

This is present now with:

Covenant Faction Abilities - Mobility vs Survivability

Covenant Class Abilities - (PvP vs PVE) + (AoE vs Single Target)

In both of these areas, they are not Viable vs Optimal for different areas, they are buffs that are Present or Absent.

The solution to this is to separate Combat factors from Covenant choice. (Even without abilities it is a meaningful decision). They really should pull the ripcord and just make the change sooner rather than waiting until people make their choices…then get hit with the first “Wave of Balancing”.

If Blizzard wants, they can have the cosmetics earned faster if you use your chosen Covenants abilities.

But this lesson really should have been learned already.

Edit: Finally got the image viewable


There’s another factor I wanted to mention: The stories.

I’ve been doing Venthyr so far, but I’d really like to see what happened with the Felsworn in Bastion, what happened with the war against the corrupt Houses in Maldraxxus, and what happens with Ysera, etc. in Ardenweald.

Currently I’m shut off from these storylines. Even though I found the Primus’ Runeblade and opened up the Seat of the Primus, I can’t go in anymore and I can’t do the rest of the story.

Why? Because I’m helping the Venthyr? But the Venthyr are their allies! The Venthyr keep sending me to Maldraxxus TO HELP THEM. Why are they not letting me help them complete the storyline?

Some people have compared it to class hall quests, but that’s an awful comparison. In Shadowlands, we go halfway through the quests, we meeet the characters, we become invested in the situations, and then we’re abrubtly told “Stop. No more. You don’t get to see how this ends.”

I didn’t CARE about the Hunter or Priest class campaigns in Legion because I was never exposed to them. I wouldn’t even know they exist if not for the forums, etc.

If nothing else, I want to be able to finish the storylines in all 4 zones, and that means doing all 4 covenant storylines.


As unrelated as it is, I think the best comparison is Harry Potter Houses. Same set up with a “meeting area” and shared “traits”, but doesn’t limit which students/teachers/soulbinds you can interact with.

Hadn’t really though of that, but that’s really a bummer. Instead of 1 single plot line while leveling that reaches its’ own conclusion, you’re almost branched into 4 different stories that can’t be finished on one character.

Makes me think of the war campaign horde+alliance achievement for doing both. It’s a special achievement to do both campaigns, you don’t play it like an inverse Battle for Dezar’alor (Switching sides while doing content).


I agree with that. In lots of the max level quests I’ve seen my covenant tells me, “go help the other covenants, we have to work together to preserve the shadowlands!”

But then why can’t I help them out with their biggest problems?!


I think the idea is they want you to run 4 characters, a bit like how they only allow two primary professions per character, otherwise one character would have everything.


…I 100% agree on this, and it’s the weirdest part.

I not only helped all of the Covenants, I helped (and sometimes literally saved) all of the Soulbinds too. I was the only one who defended all of Ardenweald and made sure that Ysera was reborn. I went to the Maw TWICE to pull people out as a favor for the Necrolords and the Venthir. The idea that I, at the very least, can’t just swap powers out at the table in Oribos when all four Covenants are there is very confusing. They already make a bunch of concessions for me because I’m special, you know, being The Maw Walker and all.

I guarantee that this comparison has been used before, but in The Last Airbender, Aang could bend all of the Elements where as everyone else in the world could only use one. We’re Aang in this story, the ultimate Mary/Gary Sue/Stu.


It’s time the dev team pulls the ripcord on these restrictions and open up the player powers.

Pissing on the players’ trust and gameplay is not even close to be worth this theoritical good idea of closing up everything because you pledged yourself to a faction you’ll barely interact with anyway.



I like the idea of the covenants being compared to Hogwart’s houses. I do wish it would be a little more like that. I guess I am more a fan of the aesthetic idea-interesting abilities tied to the covenants, along with rewards like mounts, pets, armor, etc.

I would be okay if we just chose 1 covenant, but were able to complete all the campaign story lines at max level. I mentioned this in another thread: saving Tyrande is part of the Daughter of the Night Warrior quest, which you can’t do if you’re not night fae. If we are supposed to be the #1 best champion of Azeroth (The avatar as it were) what happens when later in the expansion Tyrande is there for more exposition with literally no explanation of how she was freed? Who freed her? (obviously if you selected night fae this is no problem but otherwise I’m really curious on this justification)

And let’s not forget if you don’t pick Bastion, what the heck is going on with Uther!? (shh don’t tell me I’m going to pick bastion next)


One of the issues with BFA was that it was hard to know the whole story, or to understand certain parts of it, due to the faction you picked. I imagine the number of players who play max level characters on both faction is quite small. On the other hand, suspect that the number of players who have multiple max level characters in the same faction is quite high.

Pair that with the game being more “alt friendly” compared to BFA, I suspect they just want everyone to have 4 characters to learn the whole story, especially if leveling is 12 hours.


I know they’ve said that, and iterated towards it with letting your alt pick a Covenant at the start of leveling, but this expansion is looking more Alt-Character/Alt-Spec unfriendly than Legion was.

Previously, Legion had issues with Legendaries and Artifact power…and that was pretty much it. (Excluding Professions and Cosmetics like Class Mounts/Xmog/Appearances)

Looking at SLands so far:

  • Legendaries are more or less fixed…but

  • Alt specs on your Main are way worse.

Some Covenant class abilities are amazing for one spec, and terrible for another.

  • Kyrian Paladin - Amazing for Prot/Holy, terrible for Ret (and single target)
  • Necrolord Mage - Arcane Cleave Powerhouse, but doesn’t interact well with Frost/Fire

They may try to balance them ability to ability, but if your offspecs want a different ability for different content, you’re for a rough time. In Legion, Artifact Power was balanced to have offspecs 1-2 levels behind; in Shadowlands, your offspecs will NEVER be as good as your main spec, depending on Covenant ability designs.


I wasn’t defending the decision, just stating what I think the internal justification is for it. Honestly, I think we’ll get to a way where they’ll cave and you can swap the two powers by the time we get to launch for the reason you said.


I definitely think that we’ll have swappable Covenant powers in some form by the end of the expansion, just hoping they realize the issues with the system and adapt before launch.

Otherwise I somewhat expect launch will go well, lots of people loving the covenants…then M+, Raiding, and PvP will start making people realize what they “wanted” to choose, isn’t what they “need” if they want to feel competitive. Then “Balance Attempts” happen, people want to swap because they’re Covenant just got nerfed, etc. By the time everything ends up fixed in 9.1 or 9.2 after being “given a chance”, the hope is gonna be that people won’t stop playing similar to how they might’ve with frustrations over Azerite.

I would like to be surprised/proven wrong, but atm it looks like a preventably bad outcome waiting to happen.


Honestly, completely agree here. It’s not even Blizzards fault. One of the best lessons to learn from Classic is that even when content is trivial mechanically, Min-Maxing still pulls a ton of weight in how the community plays.

I think a bigger issue is the vagueness of the term “RPG”.

  • Do we focus on the “role-playing” aspect? Where race/class/roleplay decisions are meaningful and have weight? Where decisions like Sylvanas/Saurfang and Nzoth hat/Xmog are more important questions than +3% stat A or stat B?

  • Should we focus on “rpg” as a genre? Focus around item upgrades, character power progression, combat challenge and progression?

Both of them are good things to build around depending on the game/community, but I don’t think we’re in a 1-size-fits-all for design as much as before warcraftlogs, raidbots and wowhead.



I think blaming paying customers isn’t really the right answer here. People have played efficient specs and talent builds since Vanilla. It wasn’t as easy to get the information as it is today, but it definitely was done, that’s literally the world Ion came from at Elitist Jerks. For example, he used to rant about how much he hated Racials and how important they were for PvP and how he wanted them removed.

There will definitely be a large portion of the player base who doesn’t care about optimal Covenant, they just want the one that looks best, the one that fulfills their character fantasy, or they just think the abilities are cool. There will be another set of the player base who will want to pick the best Covenant for the content they do, be it Raiding, M+ or PvP. These players will likely want to make it easy to switch the abilities (or Soulbinds and just tie the abilities to the Soulbinds).

The first set of people probably won’t care if it’s relatively easy to swap Soulbinds/Abilities, the second group will. So just make it that you can switch really solves the problem.

I’m with Hemholtz, what do you mean by “RPG” and when was this game actually a “RPG”? I’ve played in RP Servers since Vanilla, some people treat it as an RPG but game mechanics really don’t impact that. Even on those servers, players have always wanted to use efficient builds, and ever since they abandoned talent trees, it’s not even really possible to have unique, hybrid, crazy specs anymore anyways. The days of the Druid with the “19/11/21 Hybrid Build” that works great in world PvP, dueling and Dungeons is long gone.


Agreed. I just don’t understand wanting to setup a decent percentage of the player base for disappointment for a sort of antiquated “we want choice to matter” sentiment when it hasn’t mattered before…at least not at endgame. Just don’t make it easy so people do it all the time, like between pulls or bosses in a raid but let me switch if I want to do some PvP with my friends for a few hours, some Torghast and then raid later in the week.

Like my main is a Paladin, if I’m tanking, I probably want Kyrian, but if I’m healing there’s a good chance I want Night Fae. So when I want to go into Torghast for some Divine Toll goodness, let me pick a Kyrian Soulbind (which comes with my abilities) and then later when I want to heal in PvP, let me pick a Night Fae Soulbind (again, with abilities attached).

The only reason I think switch Soulbinds is how it’d make sense is the Covenant Specific Conduits, if I could slot them in every Soulbind, then that becomes moot.


I think the best “balance” for flexibility vs meaningful choice is probably chunking the (Covenant Ability + Class Ability + Soulbind) together. Still make it require going to your order hall to change from Soulbind+ to another.

Make the CD of swapping between different Covenant Soulbinds something like 1 hour. Allows for people to swap to different abilities for doing different types of content, but not fast enough for different bosses in a raid/dungeon.

“Ok, raid for the night is over, swapping to M+ setup”

Edit: And make it so Xmog/Cosmetics are acquired faster when using your chosen Covenant


Hi guys,

I want to make clear, that the ideas expressed by the topic starter does not necessarily represent the opinion of the majority of Russian-speaking community.

The covenants’ topic is as controversial among Russian-speaking community as it is among everyone else.

This topic is the result of a relatively small group of people (some hardcore raiders and Russian discord administartors) trying to push their point of view.

They asked their discord audience to ‘Like’ this topic. The funny thing is the topic’s name is ‘discussion’, but Russian players can not express their thoughts here (unless they bother to level up a 10 lvl character specifically for this purpose, which very few people are willing to do). The only thing they can is to ‘Like’. So much for ‘discussion’.

I don’t know what’s the right answer to covenants. I want to believe Blizzard knows what they’re doing. But I don’t like such blatant acts of imposing someone’s point of view.


While it’s nice to have that context for the large “like” number, the subject had already been a highly concerning issue.

I think we would all like to believe that, but the concern, as they say about Americans: “You can rely on us to do the correct thing, after we’ve tried everything else first”


Я не могу сказать за всех, но конкретно у нас мы никого не заставляем и вроде всё предельно прозрачно написано

Пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с данным постом:

Поставьте лайк, если вы с согласны с нашими доводами

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В то же время я согласен с тем, что нельзя точно сказать в каком соотношении данная тема актуальна для каждого участника сообщества.