Covenant Spell Name Changes

The changes of Faeline Stomp → Jadefire Stop and Spear of Bastion → Champion’s Spear make obvious sense since they were explicit references to the Shadowlands, but some spell names seem ill-fitting for the class even if they aren’t explicitly a Shadowlands reference.

Some that come to mind are Echoing Reprimand for Rogues, Death Chakram for Hunters, and Blessing of Seasons for Paladins.

Maybe something like “Vicious Goad” or “Cutting Remark” for Echoing Reprimand?

Death Chakram’s in a sort of awkward spot, since Hunters used to have an ability called Chakram* (I think. Maybe my memory’s playing tricks on me), so the name works well enough for now. (granted, I also played Necrolord, sooo I got used to it)

*(Renaming a modern ability to an old one with a different function seems fairly uncommon, so they probably can’t just shorten the name)

Blessing of Seasons… hmm. It kind of fits? Seasons, cycles, death, rebirth. It’s Sunwalker-y anyway, though maybe not as much Human Paladin-themed. Not really sure what to change it to, but it is a bit awkward.

Echoing Reprimand always seemed like an odd name for a rogue spell. We’re pirates, ninjas, or assassins, not cops or school teachers; so why would we be reprimanding anyone. And as a stealth class, the last thing we would probably want is something echoing across the battlefield. If anything, it would have probably been a better name for paladin’s Divine Toll.

Dunno what a new name would be other than some kind of Shadow [Insert Verb or Noun] thing. Maybe call it Shadow Strike and just give Ambush back to sub again?

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