Covenant Question for a Holy/Disc Priest (PvE focus)

I’m planning to play my Priest more this patch as my side main or my main alt however I’m struggling to find info on what covenant I should go if I plan to play both Holy and Disc.
I’m not sure which of the two I will prioritize first but I’d ideally like something that works well for both specs in 15s-20s and raiding.

I have no strong pull or preference towards any of the covenants with Kyrian being the only one I haven’t put a character into yet, currently my Priest is Venthyr and I’m fine with leaving her as a Venthyr but I put her in that covenant because at the time I thought I’d focus more on Disc but thinking about going back to Priest I’d also like to play Holy a fair bit and I’m not sure how good it is for Holy.

Any info or tips/advice are welcomed, I tried looking up covenants for disc/holy or holy/disc and couldn’t really find much - its possible I wasn’t looking hard enough or missed something but thanks for any input!

Edit - Say hello to my bank alt, not sure why it logged me on this.

Holy can use any covenant. They’re all pretty decent.

Night Fae is currently ‘on top’ because Holy’s biggest weakness is they don’t have a damage reduction but Night Fae gives them one. But as far as healing, any covenant will work just fine, and just slightly change the playstyle. You’ll see in logs that the top holy priests are a bunch of different covenants.

Disc priests are moving toward Kyrian - it already was their best M+ covenant, but it’s also becoming their best in raid as of 9.1. The only downside here is that if you want to play Shadow, Kyrian covenant ability is pretty unwieldy for shadow spec.

Night Fae is the best for PvE Holy due to its utility + mana return with Fae Guardians. Venthyr is the best for PvP.

If you want to have a covenant that works for both specs hmm.

I’ve seen that kyrian makes Disc actually playable in Heroic and Mythic raiding, but sadly Kyrian is probably the worst covenant for holy (Even if all covenants are kinda ok for the spec).

I would say you should go Kyrian or Venthyr. Mindgames still has “some” value for Disc priest and is an ok covenant for holy since it gives good soulbinds for healing and defense. Boon isn’t that great for Holy since it can make you lose FC stacks if not careful but still can be usable.


Yes It’s trash for Holy but not that bad. Still do enough hps.

Kyrian is actually really good for Holy atm. For M+ it just requires either Mastery or Crit stacking to get some Echo HoT rolling to make use of it so tank doesn’t die during casting it.

It’s our #1 M+ dps covenant and I really like the flexibility as it allows speeding up runs for carries where their dps isn’t quite up to snuff. I expect it to get better when we have full soulbind unlocked.

Ascended Eruption provides good hps in raid ofc, a bit hard to use but still ok.
In m+ It’s just a lot harder to use for no more pay off than other covenants, since in high keys mobs hit tank like a truck and AE lose a lot of value because it only hits 2-5 people. You also have to predict next 8 secs incoming damage, NF is a lot stronger.

At some point in high keys, tanks will be kiting. That’s prime time to use it. There’s also Tank self CD’s that provide opportunity in addition to aoe CC. Those are good points to use it.

It’s not as cut and dried as Night Fae, but if you can play around it, it’s a huge boon to have and the DPS increase is very good for solo content as well.