Covenant pets getting the Aldor/Scryer treatment

According to a new Wowhead post, it appears that battle pets earned through a Covenant will be unusable unless that Covenant is your active one.

Most of us who’ve discussed this are hoping they don’t implement this. Faction-locked pets are okay-ish, because for the most part they have equal counter-parts on the other faction. I don’t see that being the case with the covenant pets, where the whole point is the uniqueness of each one. Not being able to summon it is one thing, but not being able to use it entirely doesn’t sit well.

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Hmm Im not to sure how to react to this news. Maybe dont care is the appropriate attitude, nice way to kick of pet collecting on the new expansion /s.

Caging pets and then putting them on the AH for others to buy but not use, yeah nice loophole for sellers to exploit. Or is there an option to filter usable?

I’m more interested in Fluffy Victory. Sounds like unnecessary rng, like when pet battles used to have base dodge. There was nothing more frustrating than being denied the win on the last turn due to a random dodge proc.

I suppose before I get too bent out of shape I should learn more about it, but my first instinct says it’ll be annoying.

Anybody know how this works?

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Can’t say I’m looking forward to battle pets being Covenant-exclusive tbh. I would much prefer them to be similar to the Class Hall pets - earned per class, but usable on any toon at any time. Includes the ability to summon and the ability to use in battle. It gives us more freedom/options and allows for more fun IMO.

RE: Fluffy Victory mechanic… as someone that’s STILL struggling to get 250 PetPVP wins (for the pet), this is somewhat worrying for me. Another dice roll that I’ll have to contend with when I’m already not enjoying the PVP scene. Avoiding Fluffy Victory might be a reason to get the achievement done before Shadowlands lol.


Fluffy victory… what?..

might be better if blizz ironed out the bugs in the Find Battle system first
and fixed the battlegroup system

Nope, but my first thoughts were its an anti-meta or anti-lose streak buff. Thats just a wild guess though.

this would be so nice