Covenant based wpvp

Anyone else discouraged this doesn’t appear to be the way SL is going?

If so show your support for the idea.

It would be refreshing to redraw faction lines - instead of horde or alliance have both factions Parcelled out to the covenants!

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I mean, four way BGs might be neat if they’re done right but I’ve never gotten the impression that they were going to do that so… no?

No more of this faction, in/out group nonsense. #UniteTheFactions

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They said they are looking into it

The covenants in lore “aren’t at each other’s throats”

But it might be possible still however

Ehh. Maybe if we had wvw.

I’m talking about wpvp. 4 faction bgs is something very diff lol

I want gang wars. The way they can make them work, is by balancing all covenants skills, otherwise a lot of people will pick one covenant and just destroy every other gang simply by outnumbering the enemy.

Would be awesome, but from that poll they did it seems 1 or 2 would dominate.