Covenant and being locked

This post is to gather feedback on the design decision behind switching covenant.

disclaimer: I know that shadowland is tightly designed around covenants. However this is something that players have repeatedly been giving feedback about, namely the possibility of switching and not being locked.

If you want all transmog: you need 4 toons per armor type.
If you are a player that want to be optimal in mythic+, raiding, pvp: you cant, create 1 toon for each convenant.

I do not think it will be possible to balance the covenants. Some abilities are just not good enough for some classes and/or not good enough for a majority of encounters.

I wish things were something like:
choose a covenant. unlock it. When you finish unlocking it, you can work on another covenant and unlock it. You can freely switch between the unlocked covenant freely with a 24h cooldown.

For conduits and specs:
one conduit per spec so that switching role players are not penalised by having the wrong conduits or soulbind.


Just make the conduits change with your spec. Like essences already do.

Conduits are already pretty much essences in every way. Acquisition, importance to performance, scaling power with level, limited number of slots, storage. Why not just make them swap with your spec? Why make them have a weekly lockout?

Is it really that important that all of the trees get used? Just let the specs that they’re actually good for use them/let them be used for the niche they cover. If they never get used in a world like that, they are designed poorly. Stop forcing people’s hands with artificial gating please…


-Covenant abilities should be swappable like talents.
-All soulbind trees should be unlockable as any covenant.
-No cd on conduit swaps and swaps with spec for convenience.
-Actually attempt to balance specs.

boom shadowlands suddenly looks good


This is Blizzard, Ion, being stubborn as XXXX yet again. No one… and I mean NO ONE who has tried the system likes it. Deja vu - Azerite system. So, following that logic, it will take them 1/2 the expansion of adding system upon system to try to band-aid something they simply should’ve listened to the player base about in ALPHA (yet again) until they finally break down at admit it “didn’t work like we wanted it to”. Even then, Ion will say, “We are happy with the overall bla bla bla”.

As it is now, more people are going to quit WoW after the initial 1-2 month play through than any other expac.

^ This - so much this… instead of wasting all this damn time on more gimmicks, please balance the classes at the base level BEFORE the gimmicks.