Couple Players LF Beginner Raiding

Hi friends,

Me and a couple friends have recently rejoined the game after a couple years break. Basically to prepare for Shadowlands, at first we were going to take it casually and just play every now and then but (as we are all raiders at heart).

I personally have raided around AoTC Seige of Org, and the rest have dabbled in raiding here and there in the past.
We are all hardcore raiders from another MMO for 10-15years worth of experience.

We are looking for a guild that raids 2-5pm EST or somewhere around there.
We can offer:
Elemental Shaman
Holy / Disc Priest
Prot / Fury Warrior

We are hoping to get into Normal Raids and MAYBE progress into Heroic.

Many thanks for even reading <3

Hey Raven,

My guild is looking for raiders and also casual players as we head into Shadowlands! Our activities include medium-core raiding, M+, transmog runs, and some pvp on the side. We are 12/12 H and 2/12 Mythic progression. I cannot say that our raid days line up with what you are looking for, we raid 8:30-11:30PM EST, on Tues and Thurs. But if you would like to join us in dungeon runs and between, feel free to let me know! We wouldn’t mind you(and friends) joining as casual players for the time being. We have a great social group :smiley:

hit me up - matt#19690

Slightly Inefficient - Thrall

Hello everyone! Slightly Inefficient is a new Horde raiding guild looking for members to join us as we start our preparations to move into Shadowlands. We are looking to progress as far as
possible with a goal to push Mythic raids. Currently since we have been building up the guild we have been actively running keys, some pvp, running old raids for mog. We do a little bit of everything. So if you are interested in raiding come Shadowlands and need something to do til then we got you!

Raid days & times:
W/TH 7:00 - 10:00 pm CST.

Contact :