Could titanforging fix classic?

As serious as this thread

The only reason people bite on it is because for the longest time people were actually serious when they made threads like this and got down right nasty when their ideas were shot down

Makes sense lol

I think the more trolls the better, means they spending less time playing retail (most likely) and grows our community (however toxic) which means blizzard will take notice and…release the game sooner??

I don’t know, i just wanted to add something because these guys don’t make me mad, it’s funny. Flagging and moving on :slight_smile:

We know it’s bait, but it still needs to be answered with a strong “No.”

We can’t have trolls mingling with one another to bolster stupid ideas that might (by a massive long shot) be noticed by developers who, well-meaning as they might be, will take troll posts seriously.

I say fight the trolls at every corner. On the beaches, in the forests, beneath the caves, etc.

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Apparently I also need more than 10 characters to say no.



I still love you. <3


You probably could get away with :no_entry:, or even :stop_sign:.


:stop_sign: No. :stop_sign:

Edit: It totally worked.


Solid idea, I think you’re right.

It’s a terrible idea because Titanforging is what’s currently killing WoW on retail.


I love you.

Can you please type it in caps for the people in the back?


Oh gawd can we get these type of threads deleted already. Classic forum is officially a dumpster fire at this point…

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Don’t you love how the armory shows your main now? I do

This heroic hero, mind you he cant even clear heroic, is talking about adding Titanforging which DIRECTLY affects gameplay, shut up and go get some content done before you start talking about what classic should have

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Lol. Did not read post, skipped straight to reply. 10/10 based on topic title alone. Well played troll, well played.

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Come on, don’t give him that much credit lol…It wasn’t that slick :slight_smile:

I don’t even know what titanforging is, but NO THANK YOU!

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Thank you.