Could titanforging fix classic?

Could titanforging fix classic? Adding it to classic would provide hours of extra content to the game without affecting gameplay at all. Think about it, Naxx is on farm for over a year, but with a titanforging mechanic, it would allow people to still farm Naxx for better and better gear chances each week.

I think this is a good idea; thanks for reading.


I’m pretty sure that some people will be playing classic just to get away from Titanforging from current servers.


I think it makes a lot of sense in classic, especially with content not being added.


Please tell me this is not a serious post.
Most people won’t experience naxx


stop feeding them. it makes them come out from under the bridges more often. report move on


For once I agree 10000% with you.

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Thoughts like this are how Classic eventually became BfA.

Classic does not need “things that make sense,” it needs “things that were a part of classic”


You make the assumption it needs fixing.

Hint: It doesn’t. It works perfectly well exactly as it was designed all those years ago. And for those of us who want to play it again, it’ll work just as well second time around.


People are way too easily baited.


Another one…? If this isn’t a troll I feel bad for op. People in b4a hate this trash system. So no we don’t want it in classic


Sell an item in the Blizzard store that can be applied to gear. This item gives a small chance of titanforging the item it is used on.

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It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

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dear god… titanforging is one of the worst ideas blizzard ever created…

and blizzard has already stated what they plan to do… why do people keep asking for stupid changes.


I know I am.

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You’re joking right?

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It is not, it’s the daily “add X outrageous crap to Classic” just to get some free bites. Trolls are just getting lazy and unimaginative yet, for some reason, CD people always fall for it every time.


Well they have this mentality that blizz will change things because of one obscure poster on the forums suggesting it.
So they have to defend classic.
Yet we have complaints that blizz never listens?
The forums themselves promote these threads because of the multiple avatars we have and posters feeling like they have to counter every single suggestion made.
No matter how outlandish the suggestion may seem.


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As serious as this thread

The only reason people bite on it is because for the longest time people were actually serious when they made threads like this and got down right nasty when their ideas were shot down

Makes sense lol