Cost of PvP Gear Incorrect?

Season 3 Gear is half current season cost and has no restrictions.
Season 2 Gear is selling for Honor.
Season 1 Gear is Selling for very low honor amounts 3-5k Honor per piece.

Season 3 Gear Vendors are missing rings.

Intended? Bugs? let us know Blizzard… :slight_smile:

Yes incorrect. Not intended.

We’re looking into it.


Is all of that not intended? Personally I think it’s a good idea to make the Season 1 gear that cheap to allow alts or new arena players a way to get some decent pvp gear because the rep pvp gear just isn’t good enough going into Season 3.


Even if it was a mistake, the pvp discord is in agreement that S2 should remain for honor instead of reduced arena points going into next season

Instead of “fixing” reevaluate the benefits of turning a mistake into a boon for the game


Keep it as is



Can you confirm if Season 2 gear will be discounted for one week before Season 3 similar to what was done at the end of Season 1? Seems to be a lot of threads and confusion about this. Any clarification is appreciated.


Please leave the honor changes in for S1/S2, this will greatly help alts and players actually have enough gear to not get stomped.


Item costs appear to be fixed now, at least in the Drelik Blastpipe vendor on Aldor Rise in Shatt. The only item that isn’t fixed is the Vengeful Gladiator’s Waraxe, the hunter only 2h axe with 3.0 swing speed. In the original Season 3, this item had no rating requirement as it’s not the primary weapon for the class. It does have the correct 1000 point cost to match wands/thrown weapons, but the wrong rating requirement.

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put it back


Please keep this. Even if it’s unintentional it’s the best thing this company could possibly do for a downtrodden and burnt out PvP community

Fix the s3 costs though


If you guys want to earn some credit with your customers leaving the s2 gear available for honor is such an easy pr win I don’t know why you would ever fathom not doing it.


There are probably very few players in my place, but that would screw me over. I joined late in the season and I kept all my arena pts (4450) to be able to buy most of the pieces at a discounted price.

That being said, I agree that having S2 available for honor would be nice - just after the one week of S2 being at 50% with arena pts :stuck_out_tongue:


And s1 gear now is back to costing an absurd amount of Honor. Please consider reverting it, it’s good for the game.


That would be a terrible idea. Why the hell would I want players that didn’t participate in arena at all to be able to get the same gear as me. Who got into arena last season.

That would be the worst bs ever


Looks like its been corrected.

S3 Gear costs the same as current Season and has Shoulder and Weapon Restrictions back.
S2 is back to Arena Points at discount cost.
S1 prices are in line with the Current Honor Gear.

Still missing those rings though!

Thanks for the quick update.


Stop this #nochanges stuff. You guys legit add a Dark Portal hearthstone and a unique mount just to make profit. It’s 10x more obnoxious and worse than any BG change you can make.

Like c’mon, you can’t make actual QoL changes that every player would approve of? Why does blizz think it’s okay for players to farm for 400+ hours for a full set of gear? You’re basically saying:

“We don’t want to implement changes that don’t reflect original TBC. Also buy our store mount that didn’t exist in original TBC!”


Because if you GIVE free gear to players that weren’t available a week ago , you’re penalizing every player that actually took part into arena


As someone that has already farmed all of the honor and marks I need for season 3 on two characters, please, please keep this change. The barrier for entry for people to participate in arenas is so high. Arenas are dominated by the hyper competitive players that are willing to put in the time to farm the gear and BGs, but unlike original TBC where players had more time, the average player has no interest in sinking huge hours into farming the gear needed to participate.

Competitive PVPers are not going to care that the barrier of entry is lower. Why create an environment where players are discouraged from participating? The people that do arenas competitively want more participation, not less.

In WOTLK, Blizzard took the approach to make raids more accessible. Thats why Naxx was reused. Why would you not take the same approach to competitive PVP? Make it so that the average player can gather the gear they need for entry level arenas without such an absurd time commitment to grind out gear. A fresh leveled 70 can get carried thru an old raid and get fully geared out in just a few weeks, but that same character is looking at hundreds of hours of BGs, at best, to gather the required gear they need for arenas at a reasonable level.


I was talking about reduced honor costs for honor gear. Not arena gear.

its not free gear, still takes hundreds of hours to get get enough honor to buy pieces

people arent playing pvp at all because of that.