Cost of COPY character in TBC

I am so excited for this! I just really hope it only costs a maximum of $20…

I have 4 characters that I wish to copy over to TBC that are level 60.

I don’t want to pay $60 a piece as that would cost me $240.00

Some of my friends have an entire realm of 60s that they wish to copy.

Please, don’t turn this into a massive money grab for this service.


i believe its free to transfer characters to tbc and $10 to copy the character back to classic. $10 i think is very fair.


1st copy either way is free. Second copy we dont know the price on, but you can activate it at any time in the future, you don’t have to do it immediately

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So there will for sure be one character copy to both versions of the game for free? That would really good news and very reasonable, kind of pushy for money if not…

You get to ‘transfer’ all of your toons to one or the other for free.

If you want to have a copy on both worlds then that’s where the price comes in.


Sort of, what’s insulting about it is there’s actually going to be your character on both versions. You’ll have to pay to activate(not copy) each character in whichever version you don’t pick originally.

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It should be a 1 time price for ALL your toons on that server.

If they don’t do it like that then its an obvious plan to kill classic and force us to start over.

Probably 10 usd
Per toon.

Hopefully $5 or free so it doesnt split up the community. Would be $50 for 10 toons

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$5 would be good yeah.

IDK how much it will cost, but… $240.00 isn’t a particularly large amount of money to spend on a hobby that you put 6+ hours/day into.

I really dislike the way they’ve chosen to snapshot and copy personally. I would much, much prefer a way to upgrade a WoW Classic character to TBC Classic at any point in the future, as I feel not doing so is effectively killing off WoW Classic.


I can see it being $15/$20 a toon… maybe even $25. A one-time discounted fee for the entire account would be nice and fair.

That’s exactly how it works. Pick one now, pay for the other later.

It’s not. I cannot continue to progress in WoW Classic, nor roll a new character in WoW Classic a year from now, and then at some later point in time transfer that character with that progress to TBC Classic.

Right, if you decide to go with the clone of the snapshot, you can do so at any time, but that also requires you to have a character at the time the snapshot is made.

It sounds to me like – in chronological order:

  1. Right before pre-patch: “…a snapshot copy of your WoW Classic character taken right before the Burning Crusade Classic pre-patch”. This tells me, all of my characters will technically exist on both Wow Classic, AND TBC Classic before I even wake up on pre-patch day.
  2. At this point, you have not logged in and have not made your free choice yet and your character clone names are not at risk of being snatched by someone else because they already exist on both game clients.
  3. After pre-patch is launched, and the first time you login either WoW Classic or TBC Classic game client, you then have to make your FREE choice between WoW Classic, or TBC.
  4. After you made your choice, remember the clone you did NOT choose, still exists in the other system — even though you won’t have access to it. If you want access to this clone, you now pay the $10 fee to activate it so you can play both.

It’s not clear to me though: how long do you have to make your free choice (for example, what happens if I’m an inactive player when TBC comes out, and decide to start playing Classic again 6 months after the release)? And once you do, how long do you have to make a choice to pay the fee to keep both characters?..

I wouldn’t expect there to be any time limit. Additionally, Blizzard didn’t reference the possibility of a time limit.

they will want to maximize spending potential per account (i.e how much each person is willing to pay in total). If they make it 50 or something people will probably only transfer 1 toon. If it’s 20 though people will transfer their alts, potentially netting blizz more money if you have 3 or more toons.

Totally expecting to get ripped a new one by blizz on this.

is it realy on 10$?

Tbh it should be free since they’re copying your characters to their database regardless of your decision to clone or not.