Cosmic flux buffed by 100%

That’s pretty nice. Get those max conduits on all the alts

Still 2 issues:

Honor gear can’t be converted to tier, making anyone who came back or is trying to alt starting now at a big disadvantage waiting around for conq gear so it can be turned into tier

Conq cap pathetically raised by 100 points, which makes the above issue even more annoying


That’s fair. Fresh alts are at a huge disadvantage.

Yup. Got a buddy to come back last week and he’s full honor gear with like 2 conq pieces, has to wait around for the other 2. Feelsbad.

Also ZM rep is pretty slow to get double 291 leggo still, Korthia at this point was nerfed significantly to the point where you could grind out t6 in a day. Seems they’ve forgotten about it. Yes you can get the belt but it’s 265 vs. 311 at this point.

Did they buff the legos? I thought max was 291 cba

did this even hit any important gearing breakpoints for any classes or

I make sure I do my daily solo shuffle on my alts for a solid amount of flux so I can buy any soul ash/boa flux/max conduits for any future alts it reallys adds up

I’ve been doing this too, after I get my conduits I’ma save another 15k in case I wanna try out a new class.

That changes nothing as u still need the same rep grind as before, 1 month+ to get revered.

Not sure what you are talking about. You don’t need rep for 278 conduits and when you get the unity legendary for revered on one character, then all your characters can make it.