Corruption vendors are up boiz

12% haste as a first cycle

destro alts rejoice…

i just bought 4 12% hastes…and i got 10k resource to go

So lucky 202020

what else is in there

Twsited apendage 3, masterful 2, inf truth 1, strike though 2, honed mind one expident 3.

Only good ones is pretty much expident 3, and masterful 2 but its super cheap, only 5k for rank 3 exp is pretty nuts.

Just for everyone waiting out for Gushing Wound

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mother only showing me essences, and the vessel?

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Congrats to destro players on more rating you don’t deserve.

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They’re listed before the essences in the same vendor menu. If you’re not seeing them try relogging maybe?

Lol 12% haste amp, jeez.

Then its the rank1 ineffable, I really want to play with rank2

What’s the currency needed to buy the items ?

The currency you used for essences catch up

Wow mastery and haste on first go.

I do kinda wanna mess with some strike thru tho

Wait that buffs chaos bolt too dont it

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The corruptions are missing from mother now. I couldn’t see them at first then they appeared and now they are gone again. Tons of people with this issue, have any of you found a fix for this? Turning warmode off and on doesn’t work neither does alts or relogging.

How did you have so many echoes? I couldn’t gain any before this cause my main had all the r3 essences.

cause he didnt have every r3 essence

i have like almost 30k sitting on all my alts from just existing cause i never bothered getting ripple in space or w/e

if i went and got it i’d have 0
this game is awful


this right here. i would have more but i made the mistake of buying the last r3 essence a while back. But u get quite a few still. im spamming rbgs /arenas today to get some. full clearing visions gives 1k btw. Guess u gotta do dailies now

are they introducing more later? is 12% verse available?

It changes every sat/tues I believe.

great, so now i have to hope i get bis stat gear and hope it doesn’t corrupt so i can now put the corruptions i want.