Corruption gone in 9.0 pre-patch

thank god


That’s too bad. I was expecting to have a speed set full of corruption lmao

Lol it’s funny how the prepatch might have more balanced PvP than the biggest patch in the expansion


When is pre patch

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this. :pray: :pray: :pray:

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yeah that would be hilarious to see the devs reaction after seeing how easily it would be to balance pvp

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a month to 1.5 months before SL launch. my best bet is the launch is last week of nov or first week of december

originally the cloak was scheduled to go up to 125 corruption or something

that would be like 9 weeks from now? rough guess math

so it’s likely we’d see the pre-patch 10 weeks from now, and SL 4-5 weeks from that

that lines up with right about where blizzcon would have been for SLs release
and i could totally see them releasing it in that window to deflect any ignorant community backlash from (understandably) cancelling blizzcon

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May seem optimistic, in one of the more recent interviews they mentioned “In the Fall” rather than specifically late in the fall. Possibly Late October or Early November, but that’s just my hopes getting up.

could definately be that early. my guess is based on the fact that the last 2 expacs have released 1 month before the “release by date” so going off that trend it would be 1 month before the 31st of december this year (the release by date they gave). i could be wayyy off tho. just my observation

you are really off. beta next week 2.5-3months of beta and a month prepatch gives us an early nov SL release

If it’s 3 months of beta next week then a month of pre patch they will release it a week earlier than I am calling lmao. I feel like even being within a month is really close since I’ve been saying this for half a year now and all these you tubers were expecting early August release lul

Also their alpha lasted longer than normal so I would not be surprised if the beta does as well

Why wait. Just do it now, at least on pvp.

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