Copy Charater from Classic to TBC

If I decide to keep my character in classic when prepatch rolls, will I be able to transfer it to tbc later on for free?

For free? I think not. Once you activate your classic clone, that’s all the freebee you get for that toon. If you then also wanted to activate your tbcc clone for that toon, it would cost $35. I don’t believe they have even talked about later xfers from classic era to tbcc but, if it does happen, I expect it will not be for free since activating the other clone on tbcc is not for free.

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Any progress you make while on “classic forever” will be lost if you choose to clone at a later date.
You will get the snapshot version.

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My biggest concern was that it would get locked forever and would never be able to copy/transfer. Thanks everyone!

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If later you decided to pay for the clone to play TBC, your character will be the same character with level, gold, everything, from just as the servers go down for maintenance on the 18th. That toon is the snapshot.

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you will be asked if you want to go tbc or stay in classic
IF you chose to stay in classic there will be no way for your (post snapshot character) to go TBC afterwards
for now at least…

the fee stands if you want a CLONE of your snapshotted character in BOTH versions

Here is everything you need to know about the clone service:

You won’t be transferring toons anywhere. On prepatch day ALL of your toons will be copied to both TBC and Classic era servers. You have to log in to the specific era server you want your toon to be activated on. If you activate your hunter on Classic Era it will make your hunter on TBC become inactive. You can then only play your hunter on TBC if you pay 35$. That’s 35$ per toon btw.

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