Cool boomer LF boomer guild

Hi, I have an R13, BWL geared horde priest on Earthfury, and just have no interested in flushing out and raiding with an alt while waiting for AQ.

I’m in my 40s, and am looking for a guild that respects political correctness and sportsmanship. I selected this realm because of the quality, maturity, and sportsmanship of PVP premades that I happened across during my ranking grind.

I’m rerolling from the beginning, and am looking to experience all my old Alliance questing zones. I played an Alliance priest in Vanilla through Cataclysm. I can play hard, but my server-first 5-night a week raiding days are over. I’m looking to make and enjoy friendships, first.

I love my 20-yr-old boys in my horde guild, and they think I’m the coolest boomer in the game… but I would love to meet and play with some older players.

And yeah… I’m rolling another healing disc priest.