Cooking daily ever going to work again?

Basically the title. Morogg has stopped giving out cooking dailies.

Have you learned the cooking skill on your characters? You need to learn it to get dailies from him.

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I have. And I’ve done the dailes from him several times. But, past few days he hasn’t offered a new one to any of my alts. Though, I’ve only checked with my Vulpera alts. Maybe he’s just broken for Vulpera?

Some quests were funky for mechagnomes/vulpera I believe. Bug report it.

Edit: Found this in the hotfix notes, dunno if it’s related, but maybe?


One could easily presume that since he says Morogg stopped giving them out, that he has previously seen the quest giver handing them out before…and if he has, than he obviously does have the cooking profession.

Besides that, I too have noted on two occasions that the Orgrimmar cooking quest giver failed to have a quest to give after reset. In those instances, I just go to a different city (Thunder Bluff is where I went) to get the cooking/fishing quests.

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I just thought he might’ve been doing them on an alt, and then started playing his vulpera and possibly forgot he hadn’t learned the cooking skill on that vulpera.

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That’s definitely a good first thing to check.

There is another reason to go to other cities for the cooking/fishing dalies; completing all of the different quests in each city awards you separate achievements.

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Not a bad idea to go to other cities, but I don’t really care enough to go though the effort, unless this problem keeps going for a few more days that is. i just see it as some quick exp. Besides, I got the achievements years ago.

Morogg does not recognize a race that is a cooking ingredient. Possibly.