Convoke summon grove guardian

As title states, can this be a thing?

10.2, as blizzard has stated, is taking an emphasis away from AoE healing and putting more on single target. With the incarnation rework for treants (you get 4 per incarnation), the reforestation rework (2 per reforestation proc), and the set bonus to benefit having grove guardians out, their seems to be a real big push for druids as pet healers.

With Flourish being gutted can we just replace its spot as a potential spell from Convoke with grove guardians?

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Convoke explicitly states which abilities can be included when cast. Grove Guardians are not included.

Hence the whole point of my post was to make a change to allow for treants to be a spell used during convoke


Grove Guardians is already usable off the global cooldown, if I recall correctly, so there really isn’t a point to add it to Convoke unless we want to transform Convoke into more of a required talent pick.

Convoke, as the choice talent, has no interaction with treants which our set bonus plays heavy off of. Even with reforestation, if you aren’t specced into incarn: Tree it will NOT get treants to spawn from a reforestation proc. However going with incarn you get heavy favor from treants that benefit the 2 piece.

Convoke needs something to give it some play with our new 2 piece