Content Unlock - April 9

The Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard quests and daily quests are now available for testing in the Burning Crusade Beta.

We currently plan to disable them again on Monday, April 12.

Please let us know if you encounter any bugs in the Beta by using the in-game bug report tool. (default hotkey: F6)

Thank you!


How do you even test those (as well as all other max level content) without lvl 70 premades being offered?

Contrary to what the hivemind seems to think, there are more people who are 70 on the Beta and have been actively testing than meets the eye. I imagine they’ll be the ones who will test it.


There are definitely a ton of 70s. I do think the percentage of non 70s is still higher though.

The beta has been so much fun! The only blizzard beta I got before this was diablo 3 which was kind of a let down (no offense!) so I’m super grateful to get in this go around!!

Please open up 70 templates! I don’t hate myself enough to level in the TBC beta.


If you didn’t want to beta-test the expansion, why did you opt in?

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The nether ray doesnt eat the corpses and kaliri are chasing all the way to shattrath

The nether ray was annoyingly slow. If I went on to the next mob before waiting 5-10s, I didn’t get the feeding credit.

I know on the PvE Beta I can’t find a group to do the ogri’la pre’reqs… everyone says “someone already tested the prereq’s” but I fully intended to test everything about them