Contact player from another realm


What are the best options for contacting a player from another realm — same faction but just a different realm?

For example, I just finished the Isle of Conquest battleground and another mage (with an iLvl 20 points below mine) blew everyone else away with the amount of damage done. So, in addition to extending kudos, I’m really curious to ask a couple of questions regarding technique, etc.

I tried communicating through chat by entering:

/w name-realm

I also tried adding them as a friend but it said there’s no one by that name.

I assume I could send a message through a mailbox but that seems cumbersome.

Is there a way to contact someone through the armory?



ive never been able to add people as name-realm. Don’t know why, because character friend is an option, but it hasnt worked for me in at least 8 years. Maybe your best bet is to keep emssaging them, or do what i do… and stalk their armory and watch their gear, 2nd stat values, talents, etc.

The answer to this question is because the coding of the character friend list can only be added to people on your server or in your coalition of connected realms. So, for example, I am Shadina-Gorefiend. Gorefiend is shared with Wildhammer, Eredar, and Spinebreaker.

So anyone on Eredar, Spinebreaker, or Wildhammer can whisper me / add my character to their friends list by adding Shadina-Gorefiend. But due to CRZ (Cross Realm Zoning) which is different than Connected Realms due to coding, you cannot add someone you find in the world to your character friends list. Only btag unless he is on your realm / in your connected realms.

To the OP’s question, whispering them through Character-Server works provided they aren’t in a different region. If you got hit with: “No player found”, then that mage likely logged off shortly after the bg, or has you on ignore for one reason or another (highly doubtful).

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Thanks for the replies.

You could log on to their realm with an alt and ask them, I suppose.

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Here’s one thing I like to do–

As soon as I realize “This is a person I’d like to group up with again”, I ask them if they’re in any Communities they really like, and would be open to having me join. I’ve ended up in a few interesting Communities as a result.

And Communities show up in the Social tab of your Blizzard Battlenet App (the launcher). Really convenient.


Cross-realm communication is pretty cumbersome. The only way to initiate contact is to create an alt on their realm and email them. Then you just have to hope they reply but you’ll need to log into that realm daily to check.

We should really be able to send mail cross server by now.


I like the functionality provided by WoW communities.
Calendar invites, quick join support, and the ability to link items to the chat.

However, the ability to keep in touch with players themselves, instead of just a single character, provided by Bnet Groups is also desirable.

Unfortunately its a one-or-the-other situation.
You can very easily connect with other players, irrespective of whatever character they are currently playing or game they are in through Bnet groups… but it lacks support for quick join, the calendar, and item linking.

On the other hand, keeping track of players and their multiple alts/cross faction characters/ across different games through WoW communities is cumbersome or just plain impossible in many cases.

On a side note, Damage Done on the leaderboard for Isle of Conquest also includes turrets and vehicle damage which can rack up insanely high numbers.

(Sorry >.<)

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On a semi related note, i have noticed that in game wispers from gold sellers, as well as in game mail from gold sellers is on the rise. If barriers are lowered for cross realm comunication, I imagine cross realm spam will be on the rise as well. Just something to consider. I also find it anoying to not be able to communicate, or invite somone cross realm you were just interacting with not 5 minets ago. there has to be some middle ground where you should be able to have unlimited comunication with such people for a grace period after playing with them, and unlimited communication with anyone you have listed as a friend.

You’re really trying to push those things as useful, huh?


Is this the officially sanctioned [only] remedy?


Yeah, no you don’t. No one is using this feature and you’ve been told to push it by your new overlords.


In other words, make an alt on their server and whisper them, its the only way to contact them after you’ve left party if you didn’t get a btag or community invite.

In reality, these “communities” replaced chat channels and now provide a permanent record of what was said. That’s all that happened. Plus, there’s a cap on the number of members you can have. Do most “communities” reach it? No, but the ones that do need more slots. And they’ll never get it.

And let’s not forget the terrible guild implementation of this “feature”.

In short, better options are needed across the board. I’m pretty sure you guys know this, as it has been mentioned many times in the past, and something is happening in the backgroun. However, the appearance of doing nothing is almost the same as doing nothing. By the time you respond, many of the folks who are upset about things have moved on to something else. Even a SOON™ comment is enough to soothe all but the most savage beast.

So how do you ask them about stuff if they are on a different realm? You have a name and a server to identify them, that’s it.
That’s what the OP was asking about.

As a previous poster said, make a lvl 1 alt and try to contact them on their own realm. Might want to identify yourself as XYZ person in recent battleground, etc… but I am sure they would appreciate the kudos.

Did you even read his post ? He can’t ASK him anything if he doesn’t know how to get in touch with the person ! He’s not INTERESTED in communities he just wants some advice ! Horrible dude !


There’s an extremely active mythic + community that I’m in.

There’s communities for specific classes and what-not too. They can be useful.

Discord is better though.

I totally agree with your appreciation of communities but to my knowledge you can only see the community in the Battlenet app/launcer if the community is started in WoW. The community feature should work the same regardless of how it’s started imo.

Currently you can easily invite characters in the community via calendar if it’s a WoW community, it’s less intuitive if you want to create a calendar invite to a Battlenet community.

Perhaps I’m just not using them correctly and they work identical? If so, please help…