Constant pop ups

launcher and in-game Buy this! Buy this!

Give us a slim version of the launcher.

They’ll just spam your email instead. In fact, they probably already do.

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Um, I don’t get spammed to buy things in-game. What?

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  1. Click the logo dropdown
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click App
  4. Under the “On startup, view” dropdown, select “Last Viewed Game Page

I didn’t even know that this was a thing. Thanks!

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If you unsub, they do.

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Yeah. FF XIV does that, too, even if you have bought the current expansion. “Please come back. Eorzea neeeeeds you!” This will happen often until you resub.

I honestly like that they notify you when you are about to get charged if you don’t cancel or forgot about it though.

Those notifications are appreciated, for sure.

Where are all these pop ups? I’ve not had a single one.

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missed this. Now if only they would ask me to stop buying DF every time I play on retail…

cause you have DF.