Constant DC's - slow loading

I kept doing /reload every few seconds and that got me thru to the first quest without DCing and I haven’t DC’d since. And I still do /reload every few minutes, just to be sure.

YMMV of course.

Because the BETA environment changes constantly. Would you want the devs to stop developing things to report why its laggy in a beta environment?

Is this your first beta?

Beta is beta. It lags or dcs for a while, go do something else. It isn’t stable, and because of that, they’re not going to tell us every little time it hiccups or is being worked on. We’ve already been told that in the disclaimer. It’ll be up when it’s up. No big deal.

the developers dont make forum posts like that, a “community manager” does.

is this your first forum?

you act like 200 people all have to stop working for 2 days for a forum post to happen

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I could start the intro/Maw scenario without too many problems, but I now got to the point, fairly early still in that scenario, where I got disconnected, and cannot get back in. The character select screen stays black for several minutes before finally showing my character list - and that is only when I don’t disconnect first. I once managed to select a character, but the load bar got “stuck” at about 70%, and after another minute I got thrown out with a “character not found” error


now realms are down… I hope they 're going to restart realms to fix the DC issues. So we can report and test without DC issues.

Overall, this alpha/beta has been pretty stable compared to a number of previous ones. Tonight is just particularly bad. And it had to happen with the build where all the new pet tames came out of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Omg seriously? You obviously have no clue about beta’s or programming. Add in the fact that devs are working from home means they would have to send an email so your entitled butt can know that the beta crashed for 5 minutes.

Its beta its unstable either deal with it or shut up either way I dont care

I believe it’s due to zones not being loaded because no one’s in them. The Flight Path may request the zone be loaded but I know if I use my Dal Hearth or try to go to Halfhill Farm or something the entire area is empty and takes quite a while to load in fully. I think if it spends too long trying to load everything in it kicks you out.

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omg … an email? that would be terrible

Omg really? Entitled much? Its beta things are unstable what part of that is so fricken hard for you to understand?

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im entitled because I asked what is hard about informing people when the game is so unstable its booting pl off every 10 secs? or if they are aware of something that is causing such behavior and they think they’ll have it fixed soon? thats entitled to you?

or is it cuz i think emails are hard?

Omg really?

Its beta…thats to be expected. Jesus you are either being obtuse or just plain stupid. They cant give an update every 5 minutes.

Your entitled because you think beta should be perfect. Thats what its for testing. And thinking you deserve to know everything makes you entitled.

Obviously you have never been in a beta

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did i ask for an update every 5 mins? no
is the game basically unplayable every 5 mins? no

did i say anything about perfect? no


gratz, your entire post is completely made up fabrications …

all im asking for is communication … im sorry if you think that is too much to ask …

Your communication would be exactly what i have said over and over again.

ITS BETA. Thats all they would tell you unless its a whole new build.

Again this is obviously your first beta. Deal with the unstable environment or quit whining. Either way you now fall under the umbrella of being amazing unintelligent and I’m sick of trying to explain it to you dense brain.

Have a nice life

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nah, i think ill keep speaking my mind.

you have a nice life too

A blue responded to this in the other thread - it is related to a database problem. I guess a blue post wasn’t unreasonable after all.

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thx for linking

As a FYI - I tried doing a reload last night (AEST) to save the changes I’d made and it gave me an error saying I didn’t have permission to do that.

So this is back again…