Considering Xfer

Many are jumping ship from my server andi am in search of a new home.

was wondering how the faction balance is here, and how is the leveling ?

how is the community?

Thanks for reading.

Sulfuras is one of the most evenly matched servers in terms of Horde vs. Alliance. My experience with the community has always been positive. Still lots of people leveling alts and healthy(ish) auction house. (Bots ruin everything)


Server Balance good - AH prices pretty decent compared to some of the others. Its a very healthy place overall. Lots of active guilds to chose from. If you are looking for a good active guild < SIN > is recruiting Horde side for its BWL Core Raiders and for its 1st and 2nd raid group for MC. We have a super active community with 70-100 members online even on non raid days. Good people and will be going into BWL here in the next couple of weeks once we get a few more BWL core raiders on our list :slight_smile:


I’m leaving with cholo also LF guild to level in 35 holy pre

we can help ya out either in or Cholo hasn’t responded so maybe you will :slight_smile: msg me in game or send me ingame mail that i can respond to and I’ll keep an eye out for you

You missed a word, did you mean your guild ‘Sin’ is recruiting on Horde side? (if you re-read your message, it’s a bit unclear.) What days/times do you raid?

Thank you.

yeah didnt have a space in there so it wasnt showing up properly thank you for pointing that out :slight_smile:

server is terrible… don’t come here. seriously. dont. tell others to stay away too.

you’re gonna need a paternity test to xfer, so don’t bother

Amen brotha