Considering Xfer

Many are jumping ship from my server andi am in search of a new home.

was wondering how the faction balance is here, and how is the leveling ?

how is the community?

How accurate is Mydotscrit “Well, Congratulations Carebanks” post?

thanks for any input.

I might have something that interests you. Msg me @ Silenzor#2841 on disc if interested. GL

Idk how accurate, I am just reposting this info from a Alliance Paladin in a few threads down about the same Xfer topic. Personally believe the balance isn’t quite this good, but that is just a snapshot perspective of my own.

“According to the wowcensusreport its about 57% horde to 43% alliance, the undermine journal corroborates this. The second source’s data is based on auction house users over level 50.”

Mydotscrit I think it just a butthurt troll. No idea what he is being toxic about. I’ve havent observed anything bad enough to warrant such a rant. It doesn’t seem bad enough for them to follow through and quit though as a month later they are still here.

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