Considering Transfer

I am considering transferring my 60 warrior over to the server, but wanted to see what the state of the server is?

I like to tank instances, and would like to raid week nights around 6:30 or 7pm server to see MC/Ony/BWL.

I know fairbanks has a little imbalance to horde, but how bad is it?

I am coming from Incendius and rediculous 3 hour queues.

You won’t have much of a queue problem here.

As far as balance, it’s tilted pretty badly towards Horde. I didn’t fully grasp the scale of it until last Tuesday and Wednesday when I saw the swarms of Horde running to the BWL orb. You’ll have to prepare yourself for confrontation in any level 50+ zone, and instance entrance.

That doesn’t sound too bad… I mean I am used to death walking at least 2-3x just to get to BRD, LBRS & UBRS. So doesn’t sound like that much of a change.

Fairbanks low key best server

High pop no queues

I come here when my mains server has 4 hour queues

This post didn’t age well.

How so? Was thinking about moving here.