Considering Some Semi-weekly World Quests Becoming Daily

I much prefer being able to knock out world quests and have them done for a few days. It leaves me more time to dig in to other, more enjoyable parts of the game!


wow forums is a ghost town

Oh that’s wonderful news! World quests were my bread and butter in shadowlands so I’ve been feeling quite lost.

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Huge win for you who world quests is all you do in this game >.<

the first reply has 19 likes, which is also 10x the like count of the first reply (which usually gets more attention anyway).

this is not a popular change no way.

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majority still isnt on the forums or else blizzard wouldnt have done this to begin with


Not a huge fan of this change either. was nice to do one thing a week or two things a week and be done.

now i have daily chores again. That lasted all of one week lol


Lol yeah I guess my entire guild has the exact mindset of the “forum minority” that people refer to. That totally makes sense and definitely doesn’t defy statistical logic. :joy:

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I liked it better the way it was (3-day quests instead of dailies). There are pros and cons to dailies. The pro is I want an excuse to do something in a zone. I like the zones. It’s a good thing that for years now WoW is no longer in a place where you level through a zone and then don’t have much reason to spend any time there. The con is…the more you do the same or similar quests, the more annoying (or boring) they are. I liked being able to look at the map and go “okay, i have three days to work through the ones I want. So I’ll just do such and such at this time”. The fact that I’m doing them a little bit (reason to be in zones, on the novelty/appreciation side of spectrum) instead of doing them a lot (pushing them towards annoying/boring end of spectrum) was a good thing. In summary, I don’t think this a good change.


when you got a new expansion and there’s nothing to do after a week apart from proff grind, yeah you got a problem and need to acknowledge some dailies need to be more often to give reason to play outside of M+ and raiding. People would stop logging on and eventually quit.


The truth I suspect is the same mindset of someone who goes grocery shopping while hungry. You buy way too much and are then left with regret.

We’re going to get to a place where M+, raids and arena are unlocked. And now you’re overwhelmed again.


The rate of the WQs was much better on a semi-weekly basis. I’m really confused who in their right mind is asking for dailies again. When WQs are daily, this game feels like a job.

Blizz, we are not even in to season 1 yet. can you not stand firm on your good decisions for once? have a backbone.

A slower pace of WQs gives people time to explore and do things outside of “the grind”.

If people can’t find things to do outside of WQs then they are the problem, not the WQ reset rate.


I’m gonna assume the participation numbers and daily logins were taking a tumble if we’re already walking this back?

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While I appreciate the responsiveness to feedback, I feel this is an over-correction to a portion of the playerbase complaining. Part of the selling point leading into DF was the lessening of daily chores, and having WQs be twice a week felt very nice, and made me feel like I had time to do WQs on my alt and not feel crunched for time. A change like this is going to end up seeing my doing less content on my alt, as I now feel compelled to do WQ’s on my main. Is it possible to split the difference here somehow? Maybe a portion of WQs are daily (beyond the Centaur), while the rest remain semi weekly?


this is a very disingenuous comment. have they maxed out reputations already? no? oh ok guess maybe there is more to do than “prof grind”.

you assume majority even get pass normal raiding?

Damn it… I really liked the idea of WQs being on a longer reset. Meant you could focus on one zone’s content a night and not miss out on things, or knock them all out in a day and focus on the special zone events for the rest of the week. Fewer chores.

If this is happening I hope they don’t give less rep, at the very least. I had been looking forward to being able to do all the WQs on each alt I level but now… ugh.


i mean m+ isnt our, raid isnt out, arena isnt out.

we are missing the large portion of the games replayable content and they’re making this change now?


2 people spamming the forums relentlessly isn’t feedback.


If we were already into season 1, I would agree, but we aren’t… People need to relax and enjoy all the stuff there is to do outside of WQs.