Consecration "incorrectly" counts as a debuff

Blizz any news on fixing this?

Blah blah fix it maybe one day before P5? Maybe? Maybe not? Probably not lets be real. :frowning: Bliz why do you never give us some sweet sweet blue posts.

Man, someone is optimistic.

this thread will be replied to when Classic catches up to Retail…


I hope we at least get an answer on this

Bump for visibility.

Reading this:

Makes me think Consecration has to act as a “harmful aura” in order to function in the WoW mechanics, and that the change to “remove it from the debuff list” should be reverted, as it is misleading…

Please at least inform us if this is working correctly or not. As Raid Leader I have to deal with telling players if they can use certain abilities that apply debuffs. After 3 weeks of investigating we’ve come to the same conclusion that consecration is invisibly occupying a debuff slot.

Blizzard explain to me why I may have to tell our one retribution paladin that they have to stop using consecration. A debuff that adds 20-40 dps out of their ~300 dps and is key in allowing them to parse 99+.

If you finally state that consecration should take a debuff slot I’ll accept it. Until then the responsibility is on you to fix this bug. I intended to make this my primary focus on the forums because you, Blizzard, make me do extra work as Raid Leader with debuff drama because of this.


Imagine Blizzard ever fixing their bugs.

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what is this “fixing their bugs” you speak of…


I look forward to seeing if Blizzard addresses this obvious bug during the release of ZG. I have little hope that they will though. At least companies like Cloud Imperium Games have a dedicated section called the Issues Council that actually looks at game issues. There’s little if zero feedback here. Even a blue post saying, “We’re investigating it.” gives some hope.

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You know the sad thing is I didn’t even get pissy about it for like 3 months. Honestly the lack of support for Classic is shameful. It feels like the support staff must have been gutted.

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I haven’t played for over 2 months cause there really isn’t any point anymore based on the craptastic job the devs and QA have done

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Consecration was always a debuff. Videos below prove it.


That video was from before 1.9

It did at one point show as a debuff on the boss.

People here are wondering about the patch note here:
1.9.0 (03-Jan-2006):** No longer displays a debuff on targets in the area of effect.

It makes little sense for them to just hide the debuff when it is still acting as a debuff, since it is just hiding information from the players at that point. It does seem like that’s what blizzard did here, but it would be nice if they at least spoke up and said that the devs at the time were dumb and arbitrarily hid the debuff. (It’s not unreasonable to read that note and assume that it didn’t count as a debuff at that point, as why else would you hide it?)


We dont need to prove that. We have a patch note showing it stopped showing as one in 1.9.0

There are also plenty of videos around showing that it doesnt appear as a debuff after that.

What we don’t have is a video showing a boss with full debuffs and a consecrate being applied at that time, as paladin dps was incredibly rare back then.

This one is a bit more interesting. You do see a full 16 debuffs briefly at 28 seconds while consecration is on the ground though. Later in the fight it’s harder to tell as the group was rarely even close to 16 debuffs.

I mean, there is the naxx video I found from before as well. It’s unfortunate, but it is likely working correctly. (although I’ve never been an advocate for #nochanges. Entertainment should always be the goal)

That being said, it’s very hard for us the players to 100% confirm that. And assuming it’s working correctly, it would take Blizzard all of 10 seconds to test it and pop in here and tell us.

If the problem is that they can’t confirm if it’s working correctly on the “reference client”, that really throws a wrench into the authenticity of that…

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and yet this bug report was first written in November 2019…

lol “reference client”

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Literally do not care if this is or isn’t a bug, what I want is a damn reply from Blizzard at all.


What do you mean? Blizzard got wiped out by the pandemic.