Conquest Vendors Temporarily Unavailable - Resolved

They shouldve never added arenas. This is an mmo and its designed on group play. Bgs are way more fun,they shouldve just kept it at RBGS.

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Ewww there is an xmog vendor that’s dumb. Thanks for clarifying.

Bingo! If they needed to do Esports they should of done objective based it could of actually been big like League or Moba games.

I dont see one arena streamer having fun,they all look depressed and it looks like they are just doing some tedius work that has to be done. Aka chasing carrot at the end of a stick,pushing that rating.

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Seems the PvP +40 resil chest enchant still doesn’t work. Stam it is.

How to tell me you’ve never been a top player in anything without telling me you’ve never been a top player in anything

Just want to follow-up on how the issue wrapped up in this region. (Other regions had the vendors disabled from the start of the Season.)

For a brief time on Tuesday, it was possible for a few players to go over the cap on item purchases. After we disabled the vendors, we looked and found that no one had gone so far over the cap that we needed to make adjustments to them.

This is because it’s a Seasonal cap, and it increases each week. So if someone purchased an item on Tuesday morning that took them above the intended week 1 cap, it will count against their total cap in week 2.

Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding here.



Just remove rating requirements, they never worked hence they were removed, also lets us exchange valor for conquest points.

i just bought shoulders and it says that im now 315/4k earned for the season. i think conquest is still broken

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exploit early and exploit often. blizzard refuses to ban


Thanks for the follow up.

Any chance that you can get PvP enchants to work? The +40 Resil chest enchant does nothing it’s been broken since the early Resil problems. Think many might buy this enchant from AH thinking it works and it doesn’t. I’m had to replace it with a stam enchant instead for now. However some Class/Specs really would want this to work.

I’m confused, its going to count against their cap next week, alright, so if they made between 4-8k (the guys who got weapon had to have at least 7200), we’ll catch up in 1 week

but for this week, well, they have raid weapons and you probably don’t, enjoy the dirt?


I think the idea is that it wasn’t some convoluted item swapping methodology or a hidden beta bug that got exploited. You bought the item and were able to continue buying sometimes. I don’t think punishing those people makes sense, although I wouldn’t have been sad if they had to re-earn the items.

Sure is nice coming across people in that full 365 gear in BGs


Why are conquest weapons gated? What is the purpose of this? Some people already have them too AND Get to keep them.

No one is full 365

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This guy going for a record of how many wrong things can one person say in a single post.


Let me be accurate. A few 100 people care about titles. The overwhelming majority of PvP players don’t care. So no one really cares. As pointed out that’s why Arena failed as a format. Why no one watches AWC and why Esports were damaging to WoW.

PvP players want MMO PvP. Out of 100,000’s of PvPers the few 100 that care about Arena isn’t really relevant.

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LOL /10char

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This is such an outrageous “solution”. There is absolutely no reason to maintain an imbalance just because it’s the first week. Why did you not revoke gladiator gear people unfairly purchased? What on earth?!

The fact is that you DID need to make adjustments to players, and just because they didn’t cross some arbitrary threshold doesn’t make it fair. They will still have that gear this week when others will not.