Conquest Vendors Temporarily Unavailable - Resolved

You keep using that word.
I do not think it means what you think it means.

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So you guys just disabled the honor vendor for 24hours~ for no reason what so ever?


I cant wait to see what happens tomorrow with raid releases. Im sure it will go great llloooolll

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No they were removed to work on the Bug since the vendors are connected. Now they were able to bring the honor one back. Which is a good sign. Means they might almost be finished with the bug soon.

Sounds super fun and totally worth the limited time I have to play games. I mean its not like they got access to time gated gear before everyone else… oh wait.

Since it doesn’t make a difference, lets just delete their gear, leave them naked and they can just get their points brute forcing right? I mean it doesn’t matter right? Its not a big deal right?

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The realm restarts are scheduled for 7:00 a.m. PDT tomorrow (May 30).

We expect the vendors to spawn as expected when realms come back up.

Can you tell us if the Vendors were in fact “CONNECTED” or not? :slight_smile:


Ok? What about the exploiters?


What about the players that bought a full set of gear already?


and the gear all the people got? or the gear from the valor exploit?


absolute incompetence


Well Aggrend on Twitter talked about that. When asked why the Honor vendor was removed. He responded with they are coming back soon. Hinting that the work done on them to fix the conquest bug is resolved since they are connected.

Aggrend also answered this. He says many reports are blown out of the water and no one is in full gear. However the possibility of roll backs might happen. They aren’t sure yet actually.

How about the two bg’s, will they be added to the RBG rotation with this restart?

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Yea they are working on that as well.

I’ve been queing in gladiators and rank 1’s all day in 2s/3s.

I haven’t noticed a massive gear advantage at all, because most top rated players don’t actually abuse stuff. They’re just good at the game. More likely, the few who did abuse the infinite cap as much as they could are lower rated player who will have zero influence on the ladder above their skill level, and that’s only for a couple weeks before the conquest caps “level the playing field”

TLDR facing players with 30k more hp than you once in a blue moon won’t stop you from climbing if you’re better than them.

Its not just they have 30k more HP…they have 30% more damage, and 30% more mitigation and baseline stats / mana regen.

Its completely clueless to say the gear makes no difference.


everything will be fixed tomorrow morning. it was only a glitch for a couple of days. not a big D. Look upon your own hyperbole and beshame.

What about the conquest exploiters?



Not buying this one bit. They might have 10% more damage and 5% more mitigation.

With that said no one has full gear so it’s not even relevant.

I like how the people defending blizzard are level 10s on the forums