Conquest still capped

Can you fix healer mmr in shuffle? Many of us are being held back by the system unfairly

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dont forget conquest boxes.

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Yay. :dracthyr_love_animated:


Don’t forget the Conquest box for alts!


what about the BoA conquest boxes?

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That’s good to hear about conq cap. Any plans for balancing/tuning for pvp soon?

Now we can play the game

I was considering crafting 4-set. So you’re saying it’s near pointless at the moment?

yeah dont waste ur conquest lol been bugged for 2 months my toon with out 4set gets high starsurges because its just bugged

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It would be almost 3 months since the release of 10.2. That is almost 12 week, I think the damage is already done. Those played from start already 489 in pvp, those didnt play from start properly still wouldnt play after next week.

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you should’ve run this past the PR department. as it stands you’re either signaling a deliberate intention to keep chopping seasons up with a halfway patch or smarmily telling us off for being impatient on an implementation that has no other indicator than “when blizzard feels like it”


mic drop

Sounds like you’re inserting your own intent where there isn’t any

i believe wholly that that is what it sounds like to you, battlecruisr. i appreciate your feedback

you dare mock the son of a shepherd

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