Conquest reset

Yes, unless you happen to get a weapon in your weekly box first.

dang thats terrible design.

Careful, this is the exact reason they removed vendors. Please don’t whine and take this away from us!


That’s technically how it’s always worked. You get a max conquest for the week and save it to buy your items.

The only difference is now an alt can come and catch up by grinding all the way to the same conquest as someone 2 months into the season, instead of always being behind.

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This season of PvP allows a character to earn 550 conquest per week. This amount is cumulative, allowing you to catch up if you start late or do not cap your possible seasonal earnings every week.

Week 1: 550 total conquest may be earned this season
Week 2: 550 + 550 = 1100 total conquest may be earned this season
Week 3: 550 + 1100 = 1650 total conquest may be earned this season

If at any point you spend conquest points, they are spent. You will not be able to earn more conquest than allowed in the season.

There was a time that people interpreted geometric growth, that successive weeks would increase the cap by more than 550, based on an explanatory blue post, but Blizzard later clarified.

Wait, there’s no way that’s how this is supposed to work. If the WEEKLY cap raised to 1100, you should be able to EARN 1100 that week. There would be ZERO reason to RAISE the cap if it was forever 550. I don’t think you all are understanding the issue.

This week you were supposed to be able to earn up to 1100, and our bars started out as having earned 550 already. This bar isn’t a season bar, it’s a weekly bar.

Blue POST : > For PvP players, the weekly Conquest cap will start at 550 and increase by 550 per week.

So again, our bars this week should have allowed 1100 to be earned this week, because it was raised by 550. Our bars started out as having earned 550 of that 1100 already. That is a bug.

no, youre just totally wrong and blizzard already clarified the day of the announcement that it would not work this way

you read that COMPLETELY wrong

conquest is accumulative to make falling behind less punishing

1100 is the universal cap
next week 1650 will be the universal cap

basically a fresh today 60 can earn 1100 seasonal conquest at this point
a 60 who earned 550 last week can earn 550 more this week

it really wasn’t confusing the first time around but you aren’t the first person who was confused

It really isn’t a hard concept to understand…I don’t get why so many people are confused.

Do they really think that in week 4 we can earn 2200 conquest in a single week despite capping previous weeks? And increasing every week thereafter? Cmon. We’d be fully decked in conquest gear by like week 6 if that was the case.

delete this thread now

ion is probably licking his lips at the confusion of the op to give him an excuse to get rid of vendors again


Do you not understand what this means?

Blue POST : > For PvP players, the weekly Conquest cap will start at 550 and increase by 550 per week.

What do you think WEEKLY CONQUEST CAP means?

They have misconstrued this information in numerous places.

You all cowering about them taking away vendors is dumb, this should be called a SEASONAL cap if it’s a seasonal cap.

Chill man it ain’t that serious a lot worse things in life to get annoyed with

This is the guy who blizzard removed the vendors for LOL

Edit - Yes you should have saved, everyone is saving for weps right now

This is the reason why aliens don’t visit us.

Hey this is literally something a blue said, and contradicted what’s happening in reality. I’m not wrong here. Sorry you don’t comprehend the situation.

They clarified it though after that post:

Yeah i can’t understand that one. If they take vendors away they lose subs. Shareholders couldn’t care less about a devs ego when its costing them money.

If you’re capping Conquest each week, you will only obtain the 550 each week.
If you’re not capping each week, the 550 plus any you missed the previous weeks will be available to obtain.
The seasonal cap is equal to 550 x number of weeks.
You cannot obtain more than the seasonal cap to cover the cost of any purchases.

That’s not how it works. Your understanding is wrong.