Conquest Changes

With The War Within, we’re removing the PvP category from the Great Vault. As a part of this change, we’ll be increasing the amount of Conquest you can earn each week and increasing the rate at which you earn it.

Here are the new weekly Conquest caps as compared to Dragonflight Season 3:

Dragonflight Season 3 Conquest Cap The War Within Season 1 Conquest Cap
Week 1 1350 1600
Week 2 1900 2200
Week 3 2450 2800
Week 4 3000 3400
Week 5 3550 4000
Week 6 4100 4600
Week 7 4650 5200
Week 8 5200 5800
Week 9 5750 6400
Week 10 6300 7000
Week 11 Conquest Cap Removed Conquest Cap Removed

Here are the new Conquest earnings for certain game modes as compared to Dragonflight Season 3. These are subject to change:

Treasure Table Name Old Value New Value
Epic Battleground - 1st Daily Win 110 125
Epic Battleground - Subsequent Win 25 30
Brawl (Arenas) - 1st Daily Win 15 18
Brawl (Arenas) - Subsequent Win 3 4
Brawl (Battlegrounds) - 1st Daily Win 40 48
Brawl (Battlegrounds) - Subsequent Win 8 10
Arena 3v3 - 1st Daily Win 45 52
Arena 3v3 - Subsequent Win 80 93
Arena 2v2 - 1st Daily Win 35 40
Arena 2v2 - Subsequent Win 75 88
Rated Battleground - 1st Daily Win 85 98
Rated Battleground - Subsequent Win 175 200
Rated Battleground - Close Loss 45 54
Arena Skirmish - 1st Daily Win 25 30
Arena Skirmish - Subsequent Win 5 6
Random Battleground - 1st Daily Win 70 80
Random Battleground - Subsequent Win 15 18
Rated Solo Shuffle - Subsequent Win 50 58
Rated Solo Shuffle - 1st Daily Win 100 115
Rated Battleground Blitz – Close Loss 25 30
Rated Battleground Blitz - Subsequent Win 50 58
Rated Battleground Blitz - 1st Daily Win 100 115

With all due respect, other than the initial week 1 cap, which is good, an increase of 50 conquest per week compared to Dragonflight considering the removal of vault is nowhere near good enough.

I was somewhat expecting something similar or a bit less than the DF S4 cap (1350 week one, 1250 more every subsequent week), and to see these numbers is a bit disheartening…


Imo I’d give a much bigger increase cause an increase of 7 conquest for an arena win seems pretty low. Granted I’m not a professional game dev, but I’d like to earn more conquest for my rare arena wins haha.


An increase to the cap of 700 conquest points at week 10 seems very, very small. That’s barely enough to buy one more piece of gear compared to Dragonflight seasons over 10 weeks and it’s coming at the cost of getting one additional piece of gear from the vault every week. Please take another look at this and consider dramatically increasing these caps from weeks 2-10.


Maybe on week 4 or 5 instead of 600 conquest a week increase maybe increase it to 1000 a week?

The fixation on W/L makes WoW PVP feel really bad to play, and creates a hideously toxic environment. It makes people just sit in spawn when they’re on the losing team spewing hate in chat. It creates so much incentive for premades to game the system to gang up on randoms for easy wins, which further compounds how bad the PVP feels to play. These conquest adjustments don’t even look like they’re worth mentioning.


Related question, assuming that tier sets remain the same as in DF and there aren’t PvP specific set bonuses, how will PvPers now acquire tier set pieces? Are we going to be entirely reliant on the catalyst?

I generally do both PvP and PvE on my main, but also tend to do PvP only on a couple of alts to begin the season, I’d hate to fall behind on tier on any characters that don’t do PvE.

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This is extremely bad in my opinion - PVP players are going to be getting significantly less gear. You could get a a weapon in week 1 vault worth 1350 conquest - you’re not even going to get that much additional co quest over 10 weeks now? Absolute malarkey.

This is a horrible change - and for pvp player who need 4pc they are now going to be forced into pve to get tier since they cannot get pvp
Items from vault. This seems extremely poorly thought out.

Over the course of 10 weeks it’s quite likely to end up with 3,000-5,000 conquest points worth of gear from the vault. Now you’re taking vault away for a measly 700 conquest over 10 weeks? This is brutal.


The new cap simply isn’t high enough. It’s not possible to reach full conquest gear before the seasonal cap is removed. Not even close, actually.

It costs 11,075 Conquest to purchase pieces of gear in every slot. We’re missing 4,075 Conquest on week 11, meaning we’d be missing over 40% of our remaining BiS gear. This results in a lot of grinding once the cap is removed, and further encourages players not to participate until the cap is removed.

Please consider increasing the Conquest cap so that it’s possible to have purchased Conquest gear in every slot prior to Conquest being uncapped.

These seem like they’re backwards, right? The daily win should award more?


So you are losing 1 piece per week from vault and to compensate we get 700 more conquest after 10 weeks which is only enough for 1 pc of minor equipment…

This is ontop of the loss of the potential to get tier randomly from vault which will cause pvpers to have to wait until the 3rd charge is available from the catalyst to get 4pc assuming the mark of mastery is still in play.

A reasonable offset would be to allow you to get 1 extra piece via conquest every 2 weeks, so roughly 900 conquest extra every 2 weeks (450 extra per week).


Buff weekly conq cap more, please. :dracthyr_love_animated:


Really bad changes. I suggest having someone that knows what they are doing look all of this over to fix it.

This at the very least.

Yeah they are lol.


Good direction, but the numbers are substantially off. A piece of gear a week from the vault was massive and these tiny buffs don’t nearly cover it.

Also the issue of raiders being ahead on tier has yet to be addressed. Perhaps restrict set bonuses being active in PVP until it’s possible for PVPers them self to get tier.

Or just disable the PVE designed tier in PVP and give us a PVP specific tier set so this is no longer a wide issue.

also delete map pools, revert healer trinket change, keep blade edge banned no one likes it


Seems off by a factor of 10.

Instead of 70 extra conquest per week it should be more like 700 per week given that we are losing out on an item a week that costs anywhere from 525 to 1600…


This is worse, you see how this is worse right?

This was suppose to be a positive change. The amount earned from everything needs to go way up and the weekly cap needs to go up a lot. We don’t need to be grinding even more just to get what we got for free from the vault for no extra effort. And then we need to actually be able to buy the extra gear which we can’t with these caps.

This is literally more work for less rewards.


I am going to assume these are in the wrong spot? Shouldn’t the daily 1st win give more conquest like everywhere else?

Also as far as the conquest cap goes, this is fine. You increase it to much people gear faster AND out gear people faster. This affects people who start later in the season AND alts if the conquest cap is to high and people gear to fast. So quite honestly this is fine. I am not sure what people expected.

How though? You end up with the same amount of gear you just don’t get to role the slot machine. They removed the vault on feedback because RNG gearing in PvP feels awful quite honestly.

Ya this question was asked and the only statement they made was they don’t know how tier acquisition will work in PvP yet. There is also the catalyst to get it from.

DF S4 cap is higher because S4 is going to be shorter than a normal season in DF.

Are you asking how you end up with less gear when they’re removing a 600-1800 conq piece of equipment per week and making up for it with an extra 250 to start with and only going up by 50 per week? It will take 7 weeks for that extra conquest to result in an extra piece, vs 7 pieces from the vault. This change isn’t even remotely close to being good enough to losing the vault.


Why? How come PvE doesn’t get the same treatment?

Someone check my math, but if I want to cap doing arena using 2v2 as the placeholder it would be:

1600 - 88 (First win) → 1512 / 40 (subsequent 2s wins) → 37.8 (38 games since you cant do .8) → 39 total WINS to cap in 2s?

Take a 50/50 win rate and you’re talking 80 2s games to cap each week?

Why? This has always been something you have received feedback on being far too slow.


Removing it from the vault is a fine idea, no one gets randomly boosted ahead because you got the nuts and 1st week rolled a 2h weapon in the vault. Problem is these numbers don’t even scratch the realm of feasible for an alternative option.


Tune the numbers up blizz. Also double the amount gained from wins and losses for content please.

Is there any confirmation on whether there will be wpvp gear?