Conquest Cap

The only reason the conquest cap still exists is so PVE-ers dont slam out a quick 2100-2400 right as a season starts to instantly have Day 1 access to Heroic Raid ilvl gear.

Which is a silly reason tbh. The arena ladders were always popping off in seasons where PVE-ers benefitted from it.


Finally someone gets it. Still, there’s almost no hardcore pve players who’d get 2100-2400 without a carry, especially with how deflated mmr is. With M+ how it is most of these folks just bang out dungeon then upgrade the item.

Pvp participation was popping off in slands because a handful of raiders needed to pvp for base conquest weapons and that was the hardcore crew who wanted to for progression. Bring it back I say.

You say that, but you’d also be absolutely egregiously wrong.

10.1.7 announced on thursday and conq boxes/cap will be then

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You can’t count Trill in this list.

Besides, with the current deflation the top of the ladder is barely 2600.

Yeah this season has been quite the anomaly in this regard.


The Conquest cap will be lifted next week, July 18 in this region. After the weekly reset:

  • Calderax will sell the Conquest boxes (Obsidian Equipment Chest). These will:
    • Require Challenger I in Season 2.
    • Have iLvl 408 gear.
    • Cost 375 Conquest.
  • Spinsoa in Zaralek Caverns will sell the Valor boxes (Volcanic Equipment Chest). These will:
    • Require 1000 rating in M+ for Season 2.
    • Have iLvl 398 gear.
    • Cost 250 Flightstones.

Thanks for the feedback!


BigPog 10char


Heck yea, can finally pwn those newbs with my superior S4 498 gear


lmao took you long enough
might as well reduce the costs by 50% since the whole games dead thanks to the team


you might want to recheck that
pretty sure thats a patch or 2 ahead of current

edit he just edited it

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Where’s my sword man?


hey friend- thank you for letting us know!

quick question- will Spoils of War being coming back as well? if not, could we get some feedback as to why?

What is the point of this?



Was thinking the same thing, this is so unnecessary. It’s always something with this company I swear lol


who’s getting 1000 mplus rating without 398 or better gear? Who is this for? oh wait its bind on account, you can send 398 gear to alts, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Im dumb.
I mean it doesn’t explicitly say its BOA but it has to be or it makes no sense

looks like m+ stuff

you buy conquest boxes on your already geared character and mail them to alts. might be 408 ilvl in pve but conquest gear scales to 450 in pvp. queuing solo shuffle requires 434 pvp ilvl iirc

M+ loot at 398 is literally pointless for catch up, make it bast 415-420 or something…

Not to mention you’re still going to have to farm all the “catch-up” Wyrm and Aspect crests to just be able to craft and upgrade anything. It’s roughly 40+ keys if you’re doing keys alone. Just doesn’t make sense to give gear without actually giving gear, and then calling it a catch up.