Conquest cap not resetting (this system is so confusing!)

Regional restart today, I had 25 conquest and my conquest bar is somehow showing that I spent or gained 1100 out of the 1650 weekly conquest cap.

This is so confusing! The bar should be showing 25 conquest out of 1650 because that’s what I actually have. Then I should earn 1625 conquest to reach the new weekly 1650 conquest cap. That’s my intuitive thinking. Whatever that’s happening now is just weird. I should’ve just not spent any conquest to get my weapon but now I’m really behind all because of the vague explanation of this new conquest cap system sigh.

I can’t tell if these posts are real or not


It’s 550 a week and the conquest cap is seasonal for alts to catch up

They explained it. You just didn’t pay attention.


So every week if you reach the cap you can only gain 550 conquest the next week. That’s so lame lol

The conquest bar should be emptying out and filling up to your remaining conquest at every regional restart. That’s my intuitive thinking and makes it way easier to gear compared to just getting +550 conquest every week only.

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I don’t think it’s lame, other than maybe its a little low and should be around 800. Otherwise the system is pretty straight forward. Why would the cap increase each week?

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neato van dito!

Visually the bar is confusing. I understand what you’re saying. Some people easily get this because they played through this system before. This is my first time seeing this so that’s why I was confused sorry.

I agree that is pretty lame.

Little daisly karen over here is a simp

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You sound like a whiny little baby. qq. If anyone is acting like a karen it’s you.

I was confused as well. 550 points not 1650 for this week is lame. Glad my sub expires in a few days. Anyone can just log into the game in 1 month or so and get all conquest points for the previous weeks

Someone call the manager NOW

You have no valid point… Lol I’m the only one who isn’t complaining about the system, unlike you… Are you too busy on the phone with Blizzard to qq because you don’t like the pvp system to actually comprehend what I’m saying? Quite amusing ahaha

That’s not really a bad thing lol… makes alts that much more accessible… do you want BFA again where you’re literally punished for not playing your characters like it’s a job and only being able to play 1 unless you wanted the game to take your soul? :joy:


It was confusing the heck out of me too.

You just have to check your currency tab to see how much you have to spend.

don’t see much difference between sl and bfa. Can’t imagine playing more than 1 char in both. Too much grind even with 1 char

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Instead of looking at the bar, check your currency balance instead. No confusion looking at numbers

So the thing you’re going to complain about is the one with the least grind for all your characters?

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Do you get clean protein from the gymnlocker room?

I think it’s funny when people try to bully people around threads about conquest/rated play when they themselves have mediocre records an a bought title in BfA at 1700 2’s play.