Conq Capped Removed

Please upvote this post so Blizz sees it and removes the conq cap. It’s really not fair valor is uncapped but conquest is. Especially since the cap wasn’t 1200 again

Thank you!


No shot. The conq cap is literally hurting no one and helping maintain competitive integrity from the slime ball weirdo’s who want to Q 500 games a week.

Valor is uncapped because there is no PvE competition this season, no race to world first.

Like the amount of you that would complain Q’ing in to some warrior with 110k health @ 1200 MMR in 2s because he spam Q’d @ 1400 in 3s for 48 hours straight is ironically hilarious.

Conq cap doesn’t matter when everyone has a conq cap.


Valor is super competitive. Have you tried getting in a 15 key this season with minimal rio? It’s rough

Final season remove conquest cap +1


I still can’t believe people fall for my clickbait threads :rofl:

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yea having a limited cap is super competitive when some ape gets a 1800 conquest wep in his box and buys 2-3 pieces of gear when everyone else has to spend 1800 on a wep and be behind literally weeks


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go outside


Literally wouldnt care because im also spam queueing

Sorry that some of us can balance our lives to get our hundreds of games in. You should work on time management :grin:

I play the game plenty and would be one of the people disgustingly geared.

It’s still really stupid and one side makes the game unfun for others and the other way doesn’t negatively effect anyone at all.

Conq cap is not at the deteriment to your gaming experience in any way.

sometimes it’s a good thing blizzard doesn’t read the forums

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Isn’t that the opposite of true. Since if you rng a weapon from vault you are weeks ahead of someone else in terms of stats

The trick is to wait until 3 hours from reset when people are nervous they won’t get a group.

What would think about being able to covert honor gear to tier so you can hop on alts quicker?

Anyone know if the hotfix is live yet?

If they saw this post you’d think different’y