Connection from OCE To US borked A G A I N

This is happening way too frequently. Makes doing queued content almost impossible.

Just like at the start of remix, ping is a stable 20/20 during open world and OCE hosted instances (on the rare occasion this happens in queued content) and immediately upon joining a US hosted instance or shard the world MS skyrockets to 600 up to 2000.


Yup been like a month and they refuse to fix it, I said it before and I’ll say it again, this was definately a cost saving measure and they wont back down on it until its too late and theyve lost the faith of their customer base.


At this point can they make it a separate region or an option in group finder to only be in the queue with other OCE players?

I’d rather wait with the increased queue times than join a dungeon, have 2k world MS and not be able to play anyway.

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And the funny one is open world groups for the weekly quests just end up getting to hard carry me.

Cos despite sitting at 4400ms world to a peak of 10,538 world, I’m at 20ms home and have zero risk of disconnecting because it’s absolutely all on blizzard’s end.

So I just get to casually run around 5-10 seconds behind the group getting hard carried by randoms.


Yup…so sick of this.

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Yeah i’ve had the same issues since last nights restart to fix the other bugged stuff on the upgrade vendors and adventure guide. Blizzard really cookin with gas atm huh

I only just started experiencing this, about 8hrs ago, it was absolutely fine all day then it just went to 10k+ latency between OCE/US - Has there been any explanation or outage acknowledgement?

Same, issues since restart last night. Anywhere btw 6-8K latency in group content…insane

Yep, about 5k ping trying to do remix raids right now

Having the same issue when playing on US realm from Thailand. Not had many issues before today but now I am constantly redlining. No problems when logging in to Aussie realm.

I’m having the same issue for the last two days, I always have good connection and never experience lag like this playing from frostmourne with US players but the moment I enter a arena I’ve been soaring to 2k+ MS

I just had the same issue with 27k ms and could not play the game at all in the middle of an rated battleground. I decided as a last resort to turn on my VPN and that seemed to do the trick and game runs as normal instantly.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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What VPN are you using? I might have to look into one

While it is nice knowing there is a temporary solution, hopefully it doesn’t become a permanent one with Blizzards laziness towards us OCE players.

I use Nord but any will probably work

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