<Congress Of Ravens> Is Recruiting

Congress of Ravens is looking for Rogue’s and Dps Warrior’s. For our Weekend Raid team. Friday/Saturday 8PM server To 11pm server. With ZG on Sunday.

Prospective Raiders should be at least 50 percent Pre-Raid Bis and actively working to get full Pre-Raid Bis.

Loot rules. We use Loot council.

We are currently 10/10 MC 10/10 ZG 1/1 Ony and 8/8 BWL For Weekend Team.

For more info please whisper Syllable , Hellander or any other member.

Please note that while we are hunting those specific classes our needs may change. Feel free to reach out to us for a possible Invite .

Thanks much.
Syllable Congress of Ravens


Only a few spots left

Still looking for 1 Resto druid 2 Holy pallys and a Rogue for our weekend team. Come join the fun.

A motley crew of very friendly people in this guild!

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Still Recruiting. !!! Also We love Boat guy !

Come join a great raid team!

Still Recruiting here. Have opening’s for Rogue’s and Dps warriors ! come join the fun. !

Always fun for our melee DPS! Much loots to be had!

Great group of raiders - top notch heals ahem , tanks and DPS! Looking forward to meeting new members and sharing in the AQ lootz!

Love these guys! Fast Raids, fantastic raid leadership - come see what we’re all about

Really happy to be part of this guild. Raids are smooth and fun. I hope more will join us in exploring new content as it rolls out! :grinning:

Contact Syllable , Professional , Unused or Odett today! Still recruiting Prospective raiders. 8/8 Bwl 10/10 Mc ,Zg all cleared weekly. Come join the fun before AQ and beyond !

Great team. Very well organized and helpful on every aspect. Not to mention pretty funny group.

cool guild, they at least 2 thunderfuries