Confusion over the SoM transfers?

I am really confused about the free SoM transfers off SoM. I have three horde characters on Mutanus, all are level 7. They were created before the announcement, but I only recent started playing them. When I open a free transfer in the shop, the only destination it offers me is another SoM realm, Jom Gabbar. Am I supposed to be accessing the transfer from the online shop? What are the restrictions of the transfer? I feel this hasn’t been very well communicated on Blizzards part at all…

The transfer to Wrath servers are not available yet.

As it says the earliest is the week of Nov 1st.

They screwed the process for transfers up. they were working for a bit but blizzard removed them, It’s apparently going to take atleast 10days for them to fix the issue which is just outstandingly bad


As a developer that deals with customers on a daily basis (not gaming related) my favorite part was that they said transfers would be available Nov 1st at the EARLIEST. I can’t imagine under any scenario ever telling a customer a date that they will get something at the EARLIEST instead of at the LATEST. It’s like the opposite of a deadline. We won’t get Transfers between 10/22/22-10/31/22 but we may have transfers sometime between 11/1/22-12/31/9999. It’s actually unbelievable that they didn’t give us a date that they actually plan on hitting and instead just gave us a date that they can push forever into the future without “missing” the “deadline”


Yeah I caught that too lol. I have never in my lifetime seen something like this from a professional scenario


Why do we get stuck with garbage wrath classic realms? East coast players don’t want the 3 hour server time difference and was I sure (besides the locked realms) that I could put the SoM toons on the normal everyday server I play. More choices for realm selection please like EAST coast.

We need more target servers for Era as well. Some have already the max number of characters on the target realm we were given. And in EU some would very much like to go to German, French, Spanish or even Russian servers, and other would prefer to go to the RP servers.

Please Blizz Rethink your decisions for Era target realms!

Its because its just blatantly unprofessional. The point of communication like this is to manage expectations and provide insight on when the customer will have an actionable item. We give deadlines so that customers can plan for realities and make adjustments on their side to support them.

When I have a code change request I evaluate its time requirements (say 20 hours of work) and how that fits into my existing workload. I then make a reasonable judgement based on this new work and my existing work on when I can provide a solution for the problem. If the change takes 20 hours of work and I’m busy then maybe it will take 2 weeks, and that’s fine, but I set a deadline and then work to hit that. This provides the customer with the knowledge that they won’t be getting the change tomorrow or the end of the week but instead that I have committed myself to hitting a specific date at which I will turn the completed change over to them and they can continue as normal.

What Blizzard has done is the opposite. As a customer all I currently know is that the earliest I can expect this to be completed is in 10 days. Blizzard has made 0 commitments to this date and in 15 days if it still has not been completed, I as a customer, am left having to once again reach out and ask for a more exact timeline. Blizzard, per usual, will ignore these questions completely and the sycophant’s will point to the same blue post that provides 0 actual information on when the change will be completed. The forum will then be pulled into its 1 millionth battle between customers who just want clear information on when they should expect something to be ready, trolls looking to just stir the pot, and bad faith actors who purposefully take the most uncharitable understanding of every post to create strawmen to then beat their “opponents” with. The community in WoW is as bad as it is almost precisely because Blizzard is horrendous at communicating ANYTHING effectively and then goes radio silent allowing toxic speculation and arguments to run rampant.

it’s really not a big deal. i’ve gotten used to it :expressionless:

wow! thsi si awsome

Does anyone know how long transfers are open for? I want to keep leveling my toons up until the last day. Has there been any communication regarding the closing date for SoM servers?

I have a guildie who accidentally transferred toons to Mankrik WRATH rather than Classic Era, but it is nigh impossible to create a ticket for a generic reason if your reason doesn’t fit, it just sends you in an infinite loop trying to enter your reason. Getting actual Customer Service is so difficult these days from Blizzard. I only hope that Microsoft pours some money into beefing up the CS staff - it is depressing to look at old manuals and see the size of the CS staff AND the GM staff. It has to be a mere shadow of what it once was.

he has no hope, fam :expressionless:

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