Confused about the recent invites

Simple, they want me to keep opening the game, praying.

They should’ve just done something like this to clear up confusion.
Beta: Closed Beta (NA)
Beta: Closed Beta (EU)
Beta: Stress Test

Has anyone compared client configuration settings between stress test and full beta installs?

Wondering if it’s gated at the account level on Blizzards end or not.

See ya’ll after my ban!

They should have but I think they wanted to condense it to avoid confusion. Ironic, actually.

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there is nothing confusing about what is going on if people just spent 3 minutes reading blue posts…

I have had ZERO confusions about what was going to happen with these things because I actually informed myself


Calm down kiddo.

Honestly the post itself doesn’t really make a clear distinction on their being separate types of invites.

its pretty clear that you dont get beta access if you only got stress test, for now.

but they havent confirmed or denied wether you get access to beta afterwards if you get into stress test

it is clear, if you choose to read it for what it is except for trying to apply some kind of strange 101 college english course to it to try and determine some deep hidden meaning.

We’ll be performing our first stress test for WoW Classic on Wednesday, May 22, from 4–6pm PDT. During this time, the closed beta test realm will be unavailable. Those who are currently in the beta test will only be able to login to the stress test realm during this time and beta testers can participate using their existing installation. We’ll also be adding a significant number of players to the stress test from the pool of people who have already opted in for the beta but have not yet been selected.

Since the same client is used for both our stress test users and our normal beta users, the name in the App has changed to “Beta & Stress Test: WoW Classic . ” If you’ve been selected to participate in the stress test, you’ll see this option appear in the Region/Account drop down menu so you can download and install the WoW Classic client in advance, but you’ll only be able to see the stress test realm when it becomes available.

remind yourself this isnt some Pulitzer piece and just read it for what it is


I don’t know why you seem upset I’m not the only one who’s confused y’know.

Because people just arent smart… its not hard to figure out… just read it slowly again… its not blizzards fault you cant read

It’s explained in a post that is stickied to the top of the very forum you’re using to complain about it.

Yes, they have. Blue post: WoW Classic Stress Test 1 - #86 by Bornakk

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o.k so i’m assuming that means that from 4p-6p all stress testers will be lvl 1, sitting in a sanctuary city until test is over, then we can level to 5, what’cha think?

Beta access and stress test access are completely separate. The closed beta is purposefully small. The stress test is huge and meant to pack the servers, possibly even to overload them. Stress testers therefore will not have closed beta access. Gotta keep waiting for that invite.

this is exactly what im talking about… he never even mentioned the word CITY yet you claim thats where people will be…

and if you even chose to read the entire thing… which you didnt… youd know the stress test server will last for 24 hours… sooooo unintelligent you are.

You’re exactly right. They were referring to starting zones as sanctuary areas and I misread, thanks for clearing that up and cheer up, it’s all good

i guess you are right, my bad

Because the client is the exact same. If you got beta NAD stressz test access they would not want you to have to download two clients.

Instead, the servers have access assigned to them “Beta” and “Stress test” If your account is marked one or both, you will see the servers accordingly.

Hey man… the BfA forums are over there----> with that attitude you’d fit right in. This is Classic…

Tip: Being polite while in a group with others will get you invited back.

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