Confused about crafting order posts

Why are people posting crafting orders for no gold and no mats? I’m back on my former main, now alt paladin. And I wanted to do the professions quest and I am confused at these posts? is there a way to filter these out?

Because Blizzard in their infinite wisdom decided to let them. :dracthyr_shrug:

What Blizzard appears to have thought would happen: freed from the confusing realm of ‘having to go 30 yards away to the auction house to buy mats to make their epics’, players post limitless, vast orders for epic items that crafters can use to level up, paying a fair price for the crafter’s material or at least not a significant loss.

What actually happened: scam orders for BoE items that can be flogged on the AH, most of which don’t give any significant or useful levelling points.

Think of it from the scammer’s point of view. You post an order for a 10,000g toy. All it costs you is 5g and 1s (the “generous” tip). You can post that order almost 2,000 times, and still turn a profit if one person - just one person - fills it, either through ignorance or simply not realising they’re using their own mats. On some servers, some of the toy prices have been dragged far below the cost of production by scammers posting their ill-gotten gains at knock-off prices. After all, if you got it for 250g worth of crafting orders and sell it for 7,000g, that’s a hefty profit - who cares if the actual mats cost 8.5k?

Most crafters now use the ‘No Mats, No Make’ addon which filters out these worthless trash orders. It now has toggles so you can set it not to exclude orders where the tip actually outweighs the missing mats - if any ever get posted. I don’t think there’s a way in the native Blizzard UI to filter out the garbage unfortunately.

After using that addon and auctionator… literally nothing at all even breaks even…

Because Blizzard assumes all their players are nice and upstanding people who supply all the materials to craft an item, not cutthroat goblins all out to steal each other’s lunch money.

If you want to filter them out, you can:
A: Get the addon ‘No Mats, No Make’, which automatically filters out unprofitable work orders (or so I’ve heard), or
B: /ignore anyone posting bogus work orders (like the scumbag on WrA that posts HUNDREDS of chronocloth/azureweave bolt work orders for a 50g ‘commission’ with no materials added EVERY DAY).