Confused about Conflict and Strife acquisition

what about people who opened it?

SoL seems like

Seems they’ll just ignore us

did you miss this part.


TBF they could’ve said that and just ignore us still and say tough luck… haha.

Did you miss this one which was posted after ?? We’re just pointing that the hotfix did not work, we still have rank 1

Yeah but did you open your chest before or after they put in the hotfix? The hotfix only fixed when you open the chest to ensure it gives the proper loot.

If you already opened it prior to the hotfix you still have to wait for what I assume is them mailing R2 essence

Can anyone confirm they got rank 2 from their chest yet?

how do i get my rank 2 now lol

my friend opened it about 10 mins ago and it didn’t work

I got a rank 2 on one of my alts (Hunter)…

Still not fixed for those that looted it…

What was the requirement for rank 2

1K Rating was requirement for rank 2

Did you miss the part where he opened it after the hotfix was live?

Sheesh they really have gone down hill as far as technical expertise. We are still playing a beta version game but paying for it as if it was good enough to release live.

Just pitiful.


Duh, that’s why it’s called Beta for Azeroth. We cant be mad if the entire expansion stays in beta mode silly.


This doesn’t bode well for what they are calling classic or the lack of expertise concerning all their games.

Pretty sure the classic team is more competent than retail.

You guys are so quick to jump to anger… it’s only been 2ish hours. If they don’t fix it by like the end of the day I’ll say your angers warranted. For now chill…