Confused about Conflict and Strife acquisition

They said they were working on a fix, then later posted the hotfix was now live, with no more communication on it. However, many of us still either have the rank 1, or still got a rank 1 from the chest after the hotfix was “live.”

If this were a one off thing, i’d be inclined to agree. However, they’ve had so many issues with this expansion, I understand why people are frustrated.

“Calm down guys!”

Meanwhile bug #19,283,402 of BfA.

Waiting for us to finally leave Beta.


This is an easy fix here, forward this to your dev team. For player where rating > 999 on 7/15/19 { reward C&S 2 }

can i have my rank 2 now blizz, thanks

Um… is it? Doesn’t seem to be…

About five minutes ago, we deployed a fix for the reward side of this. Players who opened their PvP cache earlier should log out and then log back into WoW to trigger the fix.

Thank you!


Fix does not seem to active, still stuck with rank 1

it is put to your bag

I am at work rn and this put me on a roller coaster of emotion. Do I have to pray to the RNG gods on this one or we good? I guess we will find out :joy:

Im still waiting on my rank2 :frowning:

For rank 3 we are supposed to obtain burgeoning battlefield furors from our weekly chest? I only got rank 2 and nothing else.

Whats the update on this?

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Relog you can get it now

Bugs are never good, but I appreciate them for getting it fixed in a timely manner. Fixing a bug is not as simple as people think. If this was FF this would for sure have lasted 2 months before getting fixed.


still rank 1 and no rank 2 in bags

I’ve got to say bravo, well crafted.

From the ridiculous hair, the wacky goggles, the class/race combo all the way to the guild name, every detail is perfect.

You :100: look like the in game manifestation of a person that talks like that and believes it irl.

How do we acquire burgeoning battlefield furors for rank 3? None in the chest.

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It aint easy bein’ cheesy…

Hi friends

If you got rank 1 and should of got Rank 2(You have 1K rating going into this week reset) the vendor right beside the chest will sell it to you for 10 Honor tokens

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I can confirm that it will appear in your bags if you login and then relog.

Are we expected to grind weekly chest for weeks for parts of essences to combine together to get rank three conflict and strife? I farmed the 50k honor asap to get rank three Blood of The Enemy but can’t farm arena wins to get rank 3 conflict and strife?

Just wondering if this is working as intended.

I noticed a bug with the rank 2, I can cast my pvp talent thorns as well as the essence to get 2 stacks of thorns on myself or anyone. Is this intended?