Conflict and Strife - Blizz's response has me worried

(Phatymcdaddy) #21

You are thining of this only from a pve perspective. This is as much for pvp as it is for pve as well.

(Drezwazluz) #22

This is incorrect.

Yes. You repeatedly made misleading, exaggerated, and false statements. You ignored all of them and made a long winded post that completely ignored every single point I made. So, yes.

You did not. Again, I have no interest in arguing the spirit or feeling of your post. You made incorrect statements. Defend them or correct them.

Any single time an enemy can heal, in any dungeon or raid, it would work against that.

I never even mentioned any other spec. You were talking about tanks. I was responding to the tanks. Stay on point, please, or stop talking.

Seeing as how you again missed literally every point, no. You didn’t break down crap.

Again, long winded paragraphs that are talking a lot without saying anything.

Stay on point, or stop talking.

(Apparition) #23

Okay Necrotic strikes uses a Rune and Runic Power to utilize similar to Festering Strike except that its using 1 Rune and 10 Runic Power where Festering Strike uses 2 Runes and 20 RP to utilize. The issue the fact that it utilizes the use of a wound to trigger however it generally doesn’t proc any of the other elements that will be triggered by Scourge Strike or any other PvE based mechanic designed to make use of the Wounds instead NS uses the wound and then puts a Necrotic Wound, which in PvP is useful to prevent incoming heals by absorbing up to 7% of the target’s maximum health in healing they receive for each Necrotic Wound you get on the target. Similar to the Maledict Trinkets; so what makes this useless in PvE the Necrotic Wound mechanic has zero use against NPC’s in many cases the wound mechanic doesn’t even work on them and why have a healing debuff on something that will never heal itself? It is clearly not a ability that gives any reason of use in 99.95% of PvE. Inversely you have classes that get abilities which effect 100% of PvE so basically the statement that it’s allowing a PvP ability to be used in PvE makes no sense with Necrotic because the mechanic doesn’t work and actually breaks the PvE Rotations and abilities for a Unholy DK…

Why are you playing a warrior? Then having a go at DK issues… point maybe you played a DK but sick of having the problems now you’re on the other side and your the one who making the ignorant arguments because you’re not playing a DK currently or if you are you would know why Necrotic doesn’t work or is not functional whatsoever in PvE. My point is if they picked one of the PvP that was useful maybe 20% - 30% or even specific use cases that actually made the Talent at least somewhat helpful in PvE then I think many wouldn’t have that issue…

Anyway I am done trying to explain to someone who is playing the obligatory OP tank of the hour…

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You said “doesn’t work in PvE whatsoever”

Just looking at CoS on it’s own, there’s multiple mobs per boss and the boss’ themselves that are affected by it.

I’m only playing a warrior?

So if I did not play a class, I could have no insight to it’s problems?

You made a factually incorrect statement. Regardless of if I play DK or Sailor Moon 4; the fight for love, does not matter in that regard.

So, again, let’s run down for fun;

You made repeatedly false, exaggerated, and misleading statements and claims about every tank spec.

I pointed out how those statements were false.

You responded by talking about how UH dk’s essence has “no use whatsoever in PvE”

I corrected that it does have some use.

You responded with me stating that indicates I clearly don’t even play dk, and I must be a fotm prot warrior.

How do you function.


Let us choose which pvp talent we get. The success of wow classic shows that a certain amount of imbalance is fun and enriching. If a class has no useful pvp talents, either give them a flat numbers buff or rework their pvp talents.

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Classic is also pumped dry of any real competitive aspect due to being well over a decade old. Fun broken things are less imbalanced, more a jovial goof.

It is not, and cannot be, the same on live.

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Haha. Drez plays Sailor Moon 4!!!111one


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the essence all affliction warlocks will take for sure, gees blizzard you really know how to kill a spec.

(Acurai) #29

I mean blizzard thought it was a good idea to have windwalkers get Storm, Earth, and Fire through the CD essence.

That cooldown alone can account for up to a 55% damage loss just simply due to how the spell is designed, and a random proc of it simply doesn’t work. That single spell probably accounts for the vast majority of our bug fixes…

These essences are going to be so problematic come launch and we won’t get anything cleaned up until 8.3 I imagine. Blizzard seemingly cannot be trusted to properly handle this new system.

Not that it needed to be reinforced that blizzard has no idea what they’re doing.

(Zahzy) #30

Haven’t responded since I made this because I was traveling.

In regards to those saying they wouldn’t choose this / there are other essences:
I agree to an extent. The issue is that they’re providing some classes with more potential choices, that may have a niche in a PvE scenario, whereas other classes not so much.

My main point of contention is how, out of all of the PvP traits, certain classes get defensive options or utility options that are utterly useless, even if you can point out a niche, when there are other pvp talents that are both Auto-picks and benefit pve in a small way. For example Warlock. The choice they provided affliction with is a garunteed dps loss in PvE, and a choice that doesn’t really affect pvp since AFF has a lot of useless pvp talents. For Destro they gave it demon armor, for PvP this allows you to mostly run nether ward, which is decent, but from a pve standpoint it’s 100% useless, it’s already a highly durable class. Obviously Bane of Havoc would have been any PvE’ers choice that would have been tempting for M+ over pure DPS essences (although you would probably play demo still).Demonology get’s netherward, which again, is useful in pvp. However, why not give them call felhunter. It’s just as much of a auto-pick talent in pvp and it would eliminate the sole reason Demo isn’t competitive in M+, it’s lack of interrupt. By switching that you would accomplish both the intended goal of freeing up a 100% pick talent from pvp, and give a bonus in PvE in the form of utility that would make the spec feel much better.