Confirmation of Darkmoon Cards Dropping?

Anyone have confirmation of these yet? Still seem to not exist.

I mean a blue post saying “Yo cards start dropping at 7pm PST” or whatever would work but nah.

Theres a blue post

where is this post?

Here it is…

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Improve your reading comprehension “Look for the many Darkmoon Cards that make up the beasts, elementals, portals, and warlords sets to begin dropping from enemies and bosses on Wednesday, February 5.”

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Whats today’s date?

Wednesday, February 5

Ya, my point exactly. Today is the stated date yet no sighting of cards… I see no post that speaks of a specific time. Was just checking to see if anyone has had one drop/seen one for sale or trade.

Just because you haven’t seen cards dropping doesn’t mean they’re not. They’re rare drops just like other boss blues.


they have a small chance to drop off every high-ish level mob in the world, once they are loaded into the loot tables. i did 15 jump runs earlier today, not a single card from any deck. with all the level 60 dungeon groups that are constantly running across all servers, i would have to imagine the word will get out quickly that they are dropping.

No drops between either faction on Anathema. This is again miscommunication that needs to be resolved.

Lol they are not teebu’s blazing long sword rare… usually have one per a 5 man easy. So my point as stated from above it’s hard to believe with all the 5 mans ran constantly that no one from any server as seen one.

The lack of information is disgusting. We were told in the original announcement that the cards would be dropping today, then the post today seemed to vaguely corroborate that, yet the cards do not seem to be dropping. How much damn effort would it have been to give us a confirmation and time?

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im just here to add my disgust about the cards.

Confirmed Three of Beasts drop on Earthfury realm. I just got one solo AOE farming after 3 hours of farming since 6pm.

Post on your classic character then and show it to me in a trade

Nes Earthfury, come trade me

Confirmed https: //imgur com/a/EiTIidk ty Nes and gz on possible world first! (remove space after https and add period)

farming where?